Palm Leaf Engraving - Light Blue
Palm Leaf Engraving - Light Blue
Palm Leaf Engraving - Light Blue

Palm Leaf Engraving - Light Blue

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About Craft

Palm Leaf Engraving or Tala Patra Chitra Engraving is one of the oldest and earliest engravings of the world.The legend of Ramayan and Mahabharata epics were also etched in the Palm Leaf.

Traditionally, these were used to communicate, thereafter for manuscripts and now various contemporary utility items are being made for conservation of the exquisite craft.

A step towards preserving the rich craft culture of Odisha by IndianVillèz. We are bringing Palm Leaf Engraved Boxes for multi-utility purpose. The precious traditional Palm Leaf Engraving converted into Modern utilities.

The Palm Leaf Engraving Craft of Odisha is still alive because of the Highly Skilled Craftsmen of Raghurajpur and nearby Clusters of Puri, Odisha.


Height  - 4 Inches

Breadth -  5.4 Inches

Width    - 5.4 Inches

Weight  -  120 gms


Purchasing one product would generate livelihood 5 Days for craftsman family.

Bulk Orders 

We accept bulk orders above 15 pieces. To inquire about bulk orders kindly mail or contact 08376037096.


Handicrafts being completely handmade by rural village clusters, they might give a rustic/dull/antique finish. Minor errors and imperfections are beauty of handmade products. Hence, please allow minor errors/defects.