Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree
Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree
Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree
Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree
Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree
Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree

Red Deula (Temple) Dolabedi Handloom Silk Saree

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Orders are processed within 3-4 working days since the handlooms are polished after they are ordered and collected from the weavers in rural locations. Domestic orders are delivered within 4-6 working Days. International Orders are delivered within 10-12 Days. 



A very special and unique Dolabedi with a Deula (Temple) structure on it made with Bootas. A single boota takes two people and 15 minutes minimum. Doing a temple structure while making it clean and magnificent.


Odisha being the land of Shri Jagannath , religious festivals and ceremonies are a integral part of Odisha's rich cultural heritage. Dol Jatra or Dola Parba is a very popular festival in Odisha that is held in the spring time. Dola Jatra , a precursor of the Holi festival marks the kick off a 5 day festival when Chalanti Pratima of Lord Krishna,seated in a portable temple like structure is taken on a procession from the temple by the a special tribe of people known as Goudas (Cow herd community).Dola means swing and utsav is festival. So this is the swing festival of Lord Jagannath which is celebrated with equal pomp and show as that of the festival in Brundavan.

Dola Parba is a festival of special significance for devotees in Odisha as it is mentioned in the holy scriptures.

Weaving Speciality -

Weaving a Dolabedi saree is intricately painstaking. It takes a significant amount of time& effort to Weave this beauty. It takes on an average about 30 days to weave. This particular pattern is a beautifully inspired from Dola Utsav of Jagannath Temple. Each motif of the saree including the most attractive “dolabedi” (small house motif) along with birds, flowers. Each motif is inspired from the nature and represented in such a creative way. The motifs, which are like a triangle or a dome are woven with extra weft technique which is very common in Naupatna and Gopalpur.

This fine piece of saree has been woven by our beloved National Awardee from Nuapatna, Odisha.

Product Specification

Length – 6.3 Mtrs

Wrap*weft (Tana*Bana) – Cotton*Cotton

Fabric – 120 Count Cotton

Blouse Piece – Yes

Color hues may vary from that which appears in the image


Purchasing this product would render 17 Days of livelihood.


- Suggested dry cleaning

- Please Do not squeeze or wring

- Store in clean, dry place away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture.

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