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Bomkai Silk Saree Collection

Bomkai Saree comes from the village of Bomkai of Ganjam district and is a world famous handloom. Bomaki Sarees got its recognition from Sonepur hence are known as Sonepuri. These handloom Sarees have been flourishing since 600B.C. holding supremacy and shimmers. With this long journey it also got the GI tag in the year 2009.

Bomkai Sarees and the intricate thread work and the beautiful patterns on them are made by the process of wrap and weft .The sarees handloom can be explained as an extra weft technique on a pit loom. The Sarees come in different fabrics like Bomkai Tussar silk, Bomkai Zari, BomkaiCotton and Bomaki Zari. .Bomkai Silk Sarees are adored and worn by many. These handlooms of Bomkai Sarees are innovative for its Ikat and introven embroidery. All these features have managed to bring the old wine in a new bottle.

Bomkai Sarees are bright in colours like red, black, blue ,dark green etcAnd have got small dot designs which are rare to handlooms. The colours of body and the pallu are of contrast colours. Bomkai Sarees have borders in contrasting colors and the pallus marked by intricate thread work. The handloom also has a simple tribal tinge into it.Bomakai’s saree’s creativity sparks innumerable concepts within the domain of Bomkai industries. Bomkai Silk Sarees have a lot of varieties and the most popular ones include Sonepuri, Pasapali, Barpali, and Bapta sarees.

These varieties of Bomkai sarees are often referred to as Sambalpuri Bomkai Saree as the works of Bomakai and Sambalpuri are slightly similar.Sambalpuri Bomkai Saree’s variety are fine example of the fine colour combination and intricate woven work. These work of border pattern contrasting to the body makes Sambalpuri Bomkai Saree posh and demanding.