Hand-Painted Trays & Coasters

Hand-Painted Trays & Coasters


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      The Origin of Hand Painted Tray & Coasters

      Pattachitra tray and coasters are the prettiest utility that IndianVillez offers. These pretty hand painted tray coaster sets are painted with the famous patachitra theme. Pattachitra themed paintings are extremely intricate that are painted out of vegetables which makes the process holy. The word “Pattachitra'' comes from Sanskrit “patta” meaning cloth and “chitra” meaning painting. Initially Jagannath and the related cultures were the main theme of patachitra. It started with the theme on the sarees and canvas but now the world is evolving with other utilities. With time many contemporary styles came in and motifs have become very vibrant and gorgeous and are painted in different styles and ways.

      Detailing of the Tray & Coasters

      These Pattachitra paintings on the Tray and Coasters are the combination of simple and classy colors like gray, orange and red with other colors of white and orange. We can see the details of the paintings on coasters which are fascinating. There are different themes of paintings on the wooden tray and coaster set that make all the difference. The odissi mudras and the saura tribal arts are the fascinating details of the hand painted coasters.

      IndianVillez Offers

      • These hand painted pattachitra trays and coasters belong to the Gi tag categories of objects which increases the value of it. These hand painted coasters come in red and green colors and the theme are of saura tribal arts and oddisi mudras.

      • These pattachitra hand painted coasters are sustainable in nature and can be a very good aesthetic to your furniture set and the beauty of the room. There is one tray and six coasters, both which would look great on your coffee table and to offer things to guests. Look at the vibrant collection of hand painted trays and coasters to decorate your home aesthetics.