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Nuapatna Khandua Silk Saree


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      Khandua Pata Saree

      Khandua Saree brings all the auspiciousness to the handloom. With beautiful color schemes and distinctive motifs and tints of Lord Jagannath cult culture, Khandua Silk sarees become an attractive and precious handloom. These beautiful Khandua Pata Saree are mostly worn by Odissi Dancers which makes them popular worldwide. This famous khandua traditional silk yarn is woven into smooth and gorgeous Khandua Patta Sarees. These are adored worldwide for their quality of silk and the motifs designs. It uses a single Ikat weaving technique to make this handloom. Khandua Patta Silk sarees are lauded worldwide by designers, fabric specialists and people who wear them for their gorgeous temple borders and pure silk.

      Khandua Patta have a pious and religious omen and are often a part of auspicious occasions in Odia Households. These become the centre of attraction and are worn on various occasions by all age groups. Kataki and Manibandha are other names of Khandua Patta Saree. These sarees are from the village of Nuapatna and the special Khandua Patta has the texts of the famous play Gita Govinda by Jaydev. Khandua Silk Sarees have a special type called “Kenduli Khandua '' which is of 12 ft and 2 kanis which is offered to Lord Jagannath. With the blessings of Lord Jagannath, these Khandua silk sarees are a part of wedding rituals in Odisha. The collections of the Khandua silk saree are various with us which has been part of many weddings.

      Khandua silk saree is from the handwoven Nuapatna Silk which uses tie & dye techniques to design the beautiful motifs.Khandua saree also known as Khandua marks its origin at Maniabandha and Nuapatna of Cuttack, Odisha. This is a bandha or Ikat saree which comes in colorful motifs of elephants representing Buddha gathered with trails of peacock around, a large petaled flower, a unique animal called Navagunjara, and a deula kumbha. These are quite intriguing to look at. The motifs used are influenced by nature. Khandua pata saree is the best of single ikat; one of warp and weft is tied and dyed before weaving. The flowery traditional aanchal of the saree gives a lot of exclusivity to it.

      The Beauty of Khandua Saree

      Khandua sarees flaunt love, culture, passion and dedication. The complex and elaborate process brings the detailing and puts life into the saree. Women artisans have a major role in the detailed motifs. These are light and easy to carry which makes it a textile perfect for women of all age groups. Elegant and breathtakingly beautiful are two words that define the beauty of Khandua. Whether it's a wedding, festival or work day, khandua patta saree can be your best friend. This auspicious and culturally rich Khandua pata saree is slowly endangering the weavers to other sources of livelihood. Artisans not being paid well is the reason for losing their popularity in the current generation and is now endangered. Thousands of weavers are switching to other occupations to source their livelihood. And the weavers are not paid well for this complex and time taking work but platforms like IndianVillez help them to get the financial assistance they deserve. Working with them and providing a platform to reach more audiences has helped the artisans to weave more. These efforts are making saree popular and saving them from vanishing.

      IndianVillez Khandua Collection

      IndianVillez offers a wide range of collections of Khandua Silk Sarees. The overlapping illusion, rhombus pattern and in between these boxes there are tiny flowers of pink and lamp stands with diyas, the door has two dancers dancing and there are flowers beside them, an aisle of patterned flowers together on the up and down of the aanchal; these are few of the many collections IndianVillez offers. Khandua Saree has motifs like star, temple, conch, rudraksha, fish, chakra, lotus, swan, peacock, parrot, deer, elephant, horse, lion etc which draws all the attention to it. The finished motifs with the theme and high-quality fabric make the saree a precious possession.

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