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Khandua (Nuapatna) Pata

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165 products

Khandua Pata Silk Sarees

With beautiful color schemes and distinctive motifs Khandua Silk sarees become an attractive handloom. These Khandua Pata Saree are mostly worn by Odissi Dancers. Traditional silk yarn is woven into smooth and gorgeous Khandua Patta Sarees. These are adored worldwide for its quality of silk and the motifs designs. It uses single Ikat weaving technique to make this handloom. Khandua Patta Silk sarees are lauded worldwide by designers, fabric specialists and people who wear it for its gorgeous temple borders and pure silk. Khandua Patta Sarees have a pious and religious omen and are often a part of auspicious occasions in Odia Households. These become the centre of attraction and are worn in various occasions by all age groups. Kataki and Manibandha are other names of Khandua Patta Saree. These sarees are from the village of Nuapatna and special Khandia Patta have the texts of the famous play Gita Govinda by Jaydev. Khandua Sarees have a special type called “Kenduli Khandua '' which is of 12 ft and 2 kanis which is offered to Lord Jagnnath.

Handwoven Nuapatna Silk, the tie & dye techniques is used to design the beautiful motifs. Maniabandi also known as Khandua marks its origin at  Maniabandha and Nuapatana of Cuttack, Odisha. This is a bandha or Ikat saree which comes in colorful motifs of elephant representing Buddha gathered with trails of peacock around, a large petaled flower, a unique animal called Nabagunjara, a deula kumbha. These are quite intriguing to look at.