Habaspuri Saree

Habaspuri Saree


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      Habaspuri Silk Sarees

      Originating from the village of Chicheguda, Kalahandi district, the Habaspuri Sarees has been identified as one of the 14 Geographical Indications of Odisha. Habaspuri Saree was woven by the Kondha tribes and represents the nature of the forests. The Habaspuri handloom saree slowly lost its charm with the decline of the dynasty after the 19th century. But Habaspuri Silk Saree was revived by master weaver Ugrasen Meher in Chicheguda and since then the unique textiles have won hearts.

      The textile of Habaspuri Saree is a cotton handloom and has unique designs like Kumbha (temple), fish and flowers that are woven into the sarees.The longitudinally arranged temple motifs are the speciality of the Habaspuri Silk Saree. These motifs on the yarn and the yarn to fabric are woven on frame and fitted with a dobby.

      With the beautiful patterns on alluring fabrics made by the tribal communities, many organizations have made an effort to step into the marketing of Habaspuri sarees. IndianVillèz have been working closely with the artisans making an effort to revive the Habaspuri craft and saree.