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      Handloom sarees talk and smile. Yes when the threads are put into the needles and weaved into a beautiful piece of fabric of colors, the handloom smiles. With these love, colors, and pretty threads which are joined together the handloom sarees tell stories. The stories are of dedication, history, home and love. All the handloom sarees have a special place in the heart for the stories it weaves. The colors are sprinkled on the handloom saree and then needles go with the thread to create the motifs. Handloom sarees are mostly found in cotton and silk fabric. A handloom saree is much more than just a fashion statement rather is a classic attire to own, wear and flaunt. Handloom saree has been a matter of stature and status for a long time. The works on the handloom cotton sarees and handloom silk sarees speak for themselves. Indian being so diverse has handlooms from all corners of it. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region has its own handloom techniques that are used to weave many unique fabrics. There are many handloom sarees that have been talked about and are loved and praised. There are four handloom sarees that are loved immensely.

      Odisha Handloom Sarees

      With the blend of history and culture Odisha threads into beautiful pieces of Handloom. Odisha Handloom Saree has many varieties and comes in different fabrics, patterns and designs. Handlooms of Odisha have the beauty of being amazing since the Lord Jagannath culture which dates back to 600 BCE. Odisha Handlooms motifs vary from flowers, to cult culture tales, natural beauty of the state, temples and geometric patterns. This exclusive and classy handloom sarees of Odisha that are Bomkai, Sambalpuri, Khandua, Kotpad and others are famous worldwide. Odisha handloom sarees are seen most of the time on the stage of fashion shows glorifying the beauty of the models and celebrities wearing them.

      Banarasi Handloom Sarees

      Banarasi handloom is a royal saree which has ancient history. The supreme quality of silk and motis narrates the beautiful stories of ghats and love of the towns. The innocence of the artisans and the artistic hands have been the favorite amongst all. Banarasi handloom Saree speaks a thousand feelings of aesthetic and beauty and the influence of Mughals in it. These sarees are one of the finest handlooms that have been in trend since centuries. Banarasi handloom saree has gorgeous silk with intricate Zari work that are beautiful to look at and wear. Both modern taste and traditional preferences choose banarasi sarees to wear at many special occasions. At the office, or at functions, Banarasi handloom saree will always make everyone around you go wow.

      Venkatagiri Handloom Sarees

      These sarees are from Andhra Pradesh and are a diamond in itself. These Venkatagiri handlooms are one fine quality of silk and motifs which makes it royal. Venkatagiri handloom Sarees are the gorgeous , lightest, softest, durable. All these features make Venkatagiri handloom saree favorite and preferable Jamdani style weaving pattern became famous with the Venkatagiri handloom sarees. These venkatagiri handloom sarees were initially weaved for the royal and are finest handlooms of Andhra Pradesh. The Jamdani motif of a swan, peacock, or a parrot, or a mangoor a leaf on Venkatagiri handloom sarees takes away all the attention.

      Maheshwari Handloom Sarees

      Maheswari handloom sarees belong to the heart of India and are one the royal sarees. With time Maheshwari handloom saree has become a symbol of elegance and cheerfulness from this prime handloom. The royal Maheswari handloom‘s story originates from the 5th century. Since then the maheswari handloom sarees have been pretty saree for many occasions. Maheswari handloom saree has symmetrical and patterned from Zari thread work all over it. These patterned and symmetrical motifs make it very adorable and gorgeous. These Maheswari handloom sarees can be a perfect choice for formal and informal parties, celebration, office and house parties.