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      Dolabedi Sarees

      Odisha is a place of art and crafts and the intricate work of Dolabedi Saree is an epitome of the same.These well crafted 6ft yard is made in the villages of Nuapatna, Gopalpur and Sambalpur with beautiful jala and dobby technique.The word Dolabedi represents the famous dola festival which is a festival of love and colours. In Dolabedi Silk Saree , the word Dolabedi refers to the raised platform with an arch located outside the outer compound wall of the main Temple. (Dola meaning the swing and bedi meaning the throne).Deities are taken to the raised platform in a ‘Dola Jatra’ procession during festivities at Puri (one of the char dham) called ‘Dola Purnima’ or ‘Holi.

      Coming from the land of Jagannath , Dolabedi Silk Sarees also have the patterns of the Great Chariot Festival.These colours and the patterns are the symbol of Lord Jagannath’s blessing. Along with the blessings the pallu shows the celebrations of Dola Festivals in chariots.

      The motifs of the triangle or dome are woven with extra weft- a technique very common in Naupatna and Gopalpur. There are multicoloured butas in the body and the pallu is very colourful. The body of Dolabedi Sarees are simple and plain which builds a contrast to the gorgeous pallu. These classy and intricate work makes it look regal.

      The silk of the Dolabedi Sarees are also highly acclaimed. Nuapatna and Gopalpur make the Dolabedi from tussar silk and Sambalpur makes the Saree from mulberry silk.To weave this alluring sarees extra weft weaving technique is used.The dolabedi Saree tells the stories of mythology through patterns on the beautiful silk yarns. The Cotton Saree is a regal collection of Odisha which speaks heart and mind.