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Pattachitra Saree

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      Hand-Painted Pattachitra Saree

      The collection of pattachitra are extremely beautiful in the state of Odisha. Odisha Pattachitra is one of the most ancient handicrafts practiced here. Pattachitra handloom is an art-form popular for the intricate details along with the mythological narratives and folktales painted on it. Patachitra sarees stand out amongst the clusters of handloom. Pattachitra sarees are distinctive because of the detailed narration of the beautiful stories and colorful motifs. The rail of such beautiful motifs is a specialized form of art which has a long history. These beautiful paintings of Patachitra sarees have links connected to the tradition of temple paintings.

      Origin and the Process of Patachitra

      The process of the patachitra sarees are intricate and detailed. Pattachitra paintings were made out of vegetables and the process was considered extremely pious and holy. This all takes weeks and a lot of time. Pattachitra the word comes from sanskrit “patta” meaning a cloth and “chitra” meaning painting. Initially Jagannath and the related cultures were the main theme of patachitra sarees. With time many contemporary styles came in and motifs have become very vibrant and gorgeous.

      The Diversity of Pattachitra

      This beautiful pattachitra was fading with time but now it has revived with vibrancy and royalty. The theme of Patachitra sarees has been an inspiration for many other handlooms and other fashion statements. Pattachitra Saree now has come in a lot of other attires. The motifs of pattachitra are also seen in kurtis, lehengas, and other fabrics like dupatta.

      Vibrant Collection Pattachitra Sarees

      IndianVillez has a vibrant collection of pattachitra sarees, Kurtis, Dupattas, lehengas and others. Pattachitra is one the most loved products of the website. With such a beautiful history, dedicated work, epic tales, lucid painting, gorgeous narration on a simple canvas make the handicraft extremely beautiful for the customers to put their hands on.

      IndianVillez also experiments and makes Pattachitra sarees and fabrics with varied and interesting themes which makes it contemporary to the current or modern world. Shop these gorgeous pieces of pattachitra sarees or other materials and narrate the stories and flaunt the tales.

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