Nabakothi Khandua Sarees

    A rare to find and unique tradition of Odisha, the Nabakothi Khandua silk saree, is a significant representation of Odisha's religious beliefs and legitimacy. Nabakothi saree symbolizes auspicious number 9. The number 9 is considered a powerful number connected with Navarasa, Navami, Navaratri, Nabagraha, and the nine incarnations of human life.

    This authentic piece has nine unique motifs in the Kothi or houses placed horizontally across the body. The checkered homes contain nine different motifs, each in an aligned liner pattern. Motifs of the saree include pot, bird, lion, chessboard, lotus, butterfly, deer, peacock, and flower. This Nabakoti or Nabarangi theme is now being designed not only in Manabandh Single Ikat saree but also Sambalpuri Double Ikat Saree.

    The traditional touch of the motifs and the color embraces the culture, making it the best choice for any puja, functions, and other events.


    34 products

    34 products