Venkatagiri Handloom Sarees

    Venkatagiri Handloom Sarees from the Kohinoor of India (Andhra Pradesh) is a diamond in itself. It is one of the finest sarees of the Indian handloom.Venkatagiri Sarees have gained acclaim from the world for being one of the lightest, softest, durable and regal-looking pieces of clothing. The popular venkatagiri Silk Sarees are famous for its jamdani style weaving pattern. These venkatagiri sarees were the preferred choices of royalty and are one of the durable and soft sarees of Andhra Pradesh. Venkatagiri Sarees also got its prestigious GI Tag for its grace and excellence in intricate craft.

    History Of Venkatagiri

    Handloom Sarees of Venkatagiri has its origin from the early 1700 and were produced at an artisan cluster close to Nellore called Venkatagiri. The name comes from a place then called “Kali Mili” and the product patronized by the Velugoti Dynasty of Nellore. Master weavers of the place handcrafted these venkatagiri SIlk sarees of the queens, royal ladies, and other highborn women of the Venkatagiri kingdom.

    Venkatagiri Handloom Saree is woven using a traditional fly shuttle pit loom. These shuttles are used for weaving of extra weft designs and Zari adds extra weft for ornamentation of the designs.The motifs weaving of one saree take 25-40 days. Borders have plain Zari stripe without extra warp design. There are small extra weft designs in the body and aanchal with zari adds beauty to the Venkatagiri saree.. Venkatagiri Handloom Saree is usually light coloured, lightweight and soft to touch.

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    22 products