About IndianVillèz

Welcome to IndianVillez, a social brand which belongs to artisans of Rural India. As our name suggests, the vision is to revive the delicate traditional weaving forms of India, implement design intervention and elevate the livelihood of the weavers associated with us. We thrive by a simple yet meaningful motto, Sustainability, Authenticity & Livelihoods.

Brand Story

Our journey goes back to the USA, where one friend Mrs. Mishra was looking for a handloom saree. Although there were a variety of options in the market, she was looking for an authentic handloom saree, which was in rarity. Our exploration led us to Rural Odisha, where we met our magician, Tosh Babu. Tosh Babu, a master weaver of the Ikat technique of Weaving, used to weave low-grade local sarees for sahukars and a few govt shops. For his diligence, he was paid only 3000 per month, in which he had to manage his entire family. We spoke to him and convinced him to create designs for us using our materials. He was hesitant, but it was our spirit and zeal that persuaded him to work with us. When the saree weaving started and it came out of the loom, he was amazed by it and said “Bhai, ae saree ta kan ete sundar laguchi”. When we showed the saree to Mrs Mishra, she was in awe of the design, look and feel of the saree. 

In this way, the idea of "Crafted in India, Crafting for the World" gave rise to IndianVillez.

After that day, there has been no looking back. Tosh Babu currently makes a respectable Rs 25,000 per month. He currently employs eight karigars and three looms in addition to his original one. We have trained and empowered over 50 master weavers and 5000 artisan families in India, much like Mr. Tosh Babu. Similar to Mrs Mishra, we have provided genuine handlooms to over 10,000 clients globally via our retail location, website, exhibitions, and other means.

What You Will Find at IndianVillez?

From various Indian artisan clusters, IndianVillez promises to import genuine handloom and handcrafted goods. Our handloom pieces are expertly designed and curated to add a touch of beauty and refinement to your wardrobe. 

Handloom Sarees from every artisan cluster, including Paithani, Chanderi, Bandhani, Kanjivaram, Sambalpuri Ikat, Pochampally Ikat, Maheswari, and Banarasi, among others. Pattachitra, Kalamkari, Madhubani, Tanchoi, and other hand-painted garments Appliques made by hand, such as dupattas and stoles, are available in a variety of materials, including cotton, silk, and tussar. In addition to shirts, Kurtis, dupattas, blazers, and many other creative designs especially created for the IndianVillez family, handloom ready-made garments are also available for men and women. Perhaps best of all, we even tailor to the needs of our clients.

Indianvillez celebrates Culture, traditions and innovations. 

What Differentiates Us?

Each piece of cloth is meticulously and uniquely crafted. Our artists and craftsmen don’t just put their time and skills, but also curate each cloth with emotions. Each drape draws inspiration from its environment and history, and you can feel it once you slip on that alluring piece of cloth. Some pieces speak modernity, whereas some depict the heritage and legacy of the culture. Every craft that a weaver creates, whether it be an heirloom or something else entirely, gives days of feelings and delight. IndianVillez creates a homely and cosy feeling for you with its skilful design, experience, and customer service.

Meet the Founders

CA Sandeep Sahoo & Dr Zarina Mohanty are the 2 entrepreneurial minds behind IndianVillez. A Chartered Accountant by qualification and 5 years of experience in consulting, Sandeep Sahoo has also been a part of multiple startups in rural management. Dr  Zarina Mohanty received an honorary degree in social work for her close engagement with Odisha's rural population. By God's grace and our resilience, we were able to navigate the challenges of the COVID era and provide employment to numerous underprivileged artisans on the trip that began in 2020, just before the outbreak of the pandemic. 

Our Vision

IndianVillez views the consumer and artisan sides of the ecosystem from two perspectives. From a consumer perspective, our goal is to make the most genuine and exquisite craft accessible to customers worldwide. From an artisan perspective, our goals are to bring back traditional craft methods, apply cutting-edge techniques, and train the next generation of handcrafters to carry forward their legacy. 

Our goal is to lead and revolutionize handloom, handicrafts, and environmentally friendly items, promoting sustainable fashion and a greener world in the process.