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Kotpad Sarees

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    11 products

    Handwoven Kotpad Sarees

    Kotpad Sarees belong from the village named Kotpad in Koraput district. The village has a group of tribal “MIRGAN” who are dedicated to produce unique vegetable dyed fabric for making Kotpad handloom. Each thread and hue of Kotpad is made out from the colours of nature.The handlooms of Kotpad are also regarded as eco friendly sarees as it uses vegetable colors, cow dung, ash and castor oil.

    The body of the Kotpad Cotton Sarees are dyed many times to get the darker shade. The bold and attractive borders of Kotpad Saree are made by interlocking threads and creating patterns of conch, boat, fish, temple and many patterns and structures. Kotpad Sarees come in limited shade mostly in brown, white, maroon pink and yellow making it more exclusive.

    One piece of this exclusive Kotpad Saree saree takes around 30 days. Hence Kotpad saree making is organic, labour intensive and a lengthy process. The exclusivity of Kotpad Sarees got a GI tag in the year 2005.

    The process is extremely intricate and it takes fine and experienced fingerwork to make Kotpad textile.Men and women both participate in the process of making Kotpad Sarees and earn their livelihood. To make their work published and take it to the market organizations like Indianvillez help them out. These help the artisans to earn their hard labour and the world can know about the exclusive handloom of Kotpad.