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Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

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      Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

      Have heard of many handloom sarees that won the hearts of the world, but this handloom saree is magical. Magical with the fabric, motifs, shine and glory. Everybody's eyes get stuck in this beautiful handloom of Kanjivaram silk saree. Many celebrities have chosen to wear this saree on their special days and many celebrities wear the Kanjivaram silk saree regularly. Many veteran actresses are seen adorning kanchipuram silk sarees in all her appearances. Following her footsteps, you can see Vidya Balan wear beautiful handloom sarees, especially Kanjivaran on many occasions. Deepika Padukone wore a gorgeous Kanjivaran Silk saree at her Sarasawt wedding rituals. With all the star-studded preferences, Kanjivaram has been the most luxurious saree on the list of handloom sarees in India.

      The Story of the Name

      Kanjeevaram Sarees hails from a hamlet of Tamilnadu named Kanchipuram. The name is also woven from the village’s name itself. The village itself got its popularity 400 years ago for the unique weaving of Silk sarees which is named Kanjeevaram silk saree. Kanjeevaram handloom saree is considered a perfect and rich attire for special and auspicious occasions and festivities.

      Weaving Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

      The gorgeous Kanjivaram Silk sarees use pure mulberry silk to make gorgeous pieces. Kanjeevaram silk yarns are initially first dipped in rice water, and then sun-dried for comfort and texture. Rice water dipping makes the yarn thicker and gives more strength. The threads of Kanjeevaram are then interlocked with a thin silver- zari yarn and then by a golden zari. The gorgeous zari work makes the saree heavy as heavy up to 2 kilos.


      The Types of Kanjivaram Silk

      The gorgeous Kanjeevaram silk sarees are different with motifs and patterns. Here are the ones.
      • The usual Kanjivaram with a golden border – The most simple kanjivaram silk sarees with the golden border gives a very sleek and rick look. This might go well at any puja or any engagement.
      • The most famous temple Border Kanjeevaram – Kanjeevaram’s temple borders is the most beautiful one. The motifs are of a zigzag temple border in a cheron-styled peak. This zigzag looks like a continuous triangle or like a temple. This stunning piece creates magic for any party.
      • The contemporary or Modern Kanjeevaram Silk– These silk sarees' highlights are the modern colors and motifs. These are woven in newer colors and contemporary motifs and designs on borders. Modern Kanjeevaram is a perfect wedding or to be a bride.
      • Traditional Kanjeevaram – With old motifs, this kanjeevaram silk is antique to whoever owns it.The motifs are of coins, chakra or checked motifs which are symbols of the original and traditional kanjivaram handloom sarees. It goes with any special occasion.
      Amongst all the traditional kanjivaram silk is the most expensive of all and evergreen for any age and occasion.


      Kanjeevaram silk saree is known for its wide borders which draw all the attention to them. The golden zari work interwoven with bronze or silver zari work is fab. The gold shimmer thing is widely loved. The contrasting colors to the golden zari work also spill out emotions. Yes, the contrasting bold colors speak to you. With the colors there are temple borders, checks, stripes and floral motifs are traditional designs found on Kanjeevaram sarees which were inspired by images and scriptures in South Indian temples or natural features like leaves, birds and animals elevates Kanjeevaram to the top. All the beauty of Kanjivaram saree comes from 240 warps and 250 wefts which makes it very difficult to get teared up.

      Kanjeevaram saree is extremely gorgeous, posh, classy and rich which will always be everybody’s favorite. Check out the collection of IndianVillez of gorgeous Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees.