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      Pure Handloom Fabrics of Odisha

      India is very popular for its fabric all over the world. This fabric was one of the reasons why Britishers colonized India. Indian fabric's purity and exclusivity is loved and adored all over the world. The handlooms made by these fabrics create magic. The works on these fabrics have been ruling the world of beauty through its motifs and patterns. People in India and all over the world are fans of these fabrics which can be made into any type of material or attire you like.

      Odisha handloom fabric is widely loved all over the world. Odisha handloom fabric has many varieties of motifs. Basically Odisha handlooms are made from silk ikat fabric and cotton ikat fabric.

      Cotton Fabric

      Cotton fabric was present in ancient Egypt during as early as twelve thousand years BCE. They have found evidence of cotton in Mexican caves which have been carbon-dated to almost 7,000 years ago. Cotton is grown on a plant and is actually the flower of the cotton plant. The cotton fabric takes 100 days duration from plantation to harvesting. Then it involves a lot of intensive work to make it beautiful fabric to flaunt. Handloom cotton fabrics are loved all over the world.

      Silk Fabric

      Chinese legends suggest that Lady Hsi-Ling-Shih was the first one to introduce the idea of sericulture in 2640 BC. Silk Fabric comes from the silkworm . Predominately made of proteins Silk is a delicate yet tough compound that makes up the basic component of all the silk yarns and fabric used to make clothes and accessories. There many other types of silk i.e. Mulberry, Tussar , Muga and Eri.

      IndianVillez has collections of Odisha handloom fabric including both silk Ikat Fabric and cotton ikat fabric. Kotpad Ikat fabric and sambalpuri ikat fabric which has a variety of ranges to choose for any of your choice. You can choose them to stitch it for a kurti, dupatta, saree, blouse, bedsheet, scarf, kurta, shirt, skirt, pillow cover, handkerchief and many more. Choose any of the cotton ikat fabric or silk ikat fabric to flaunt the heritage of Odisha handloom.