Chanderi Saree

Chanderi Saree


      We have seen handloom sarees from all over India, but this saree is from the heart of India. Coming from the heart, the handloom saree has won many hearts all over the world. Chanderi silk saree is not just pretty, it is also a very luxurious piece of handloom. This luxurious handloom silk saree has been one of the favorites in grand celebrations and auspicious occasions.

      The Naming Ceremony

      Chanderi silk saree has its name from the town it was initially produced. Silk Chanderi sarees come from Chanderi town which is located in the north-central part of Madhya Pradesh. Chanderi is often referred to as the "weaving town''. The population of the town is mainly involved in the weaving occupation. The town is famous for its historical heritage and flourished with intense economic activity because of its strategic position in Central India near Betwa river. The strategic town’s handloom chanderi saree has other uses of the handloom but it is famous for handloom sarees.

      The Past of Chanderi

      Chanderi Sarees seem to be linked with the history of Chanderi town and have been mentioned in Mahabharata. The tracked history begins from the 13th or 14th century AD. There are sources which say Sufi saint Hazrat Wajihuddin had reached Chanderi in 1305 AD. and large number of people migrated from Lakhnauti region in Bengal to Chanderi following him.Then a majority of Chanderi weavers belonged to the Muslim community but slowly the community kosti started weaving it too. Chnaderi experienced a bloom when Mughals were ruling, especially Akbar. The town then became land of fine muslin. There are other stories of Maharani of Baroda and Maratha rulers who were fans of the Chnaderi handloom. British invasion destroyed the market of Chanderi sarees. Now with efforts Chnaderi handlooms have reached countries, world stage and acquired a lot of fame and love.

      Variation in Chanderi Silk

      Chanderi handloom sarees are of three types: silk, Katan silk, cotton silk and cotton. The middle one cotton silk is weaved combining a complicated and intricate weaving process. This detail produces a fine that combines the best of both the raw materials and is extremely soft and light.

      The Pure version of Chanderi silk saree is known for their gorgeous shining and luxurious sarees and the cotton fabric of Chanderi did gain recognition and love because of the comfort, airy feel and boldness.

      The Feature to Love Chanderi

      The beautiful zari work in the border - The golden zari work has been everybody’s favorite in the handloom world. The beautiful saree with grand motifs and beautiful colors has the most amazing zari work which raises the look of the saree. This beautiful zari work adds sophistication and elegance along with boldness to the saree.

      The Shine - Chnaderi silk saree got a different shine in it. The color of the saree is always bold but with the glossy texture, this saree has won hearts all over the world. You will stand out in the crowd because of its sparkling texture of Chanderi Sarees.

      The sarees come in different shades, color, tone, motifs and prints. Chanderi silk sarees will be one of a kind. The charm of this eye-catching Silk Chanderi saree has caught the eyes of designers and has traveled all over the world with the cultural heritage and shine. The Chnaderi handloom is available in both online and offline stores and rock on various occasions.