Pochampally Ikat Silk Saree

Pochampally Ikat Silk Saree


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      Pochampally Silk Saree

      South India is full of richness of fabric and culture. Here is one of such sarees that show off the traditions, fabric and beauty. Pochampally is the Ikat Silk Sarees that have been one such beauty you would die to buy. The name Pochampally is from the town of its origin. These Handloom sarees are made in Bhoodan Pochampally town of Telangana state. Pochampally Ikat sarees was one of wedding ceremonies attire of former Miss India and Indian actress Aishwarya Ray. Pochampally also holds a GI tag for its superior fabric and the gorgeous, geometric patterns which brings all the beauty to it.

      The Gorgeous Pochampally Silk Saree 

      Pochampally Ikat saree is famous south Indian sarees but lesser known in the northern part. Once Pochampally saree was known all over India, the saree would get a lot of attention. It is said that the Pochampally silk sarees have been popular since the 1800s and the sarees were rated all over the world through the famous silk route . This craze of Pochampally sarees has passed on to centuries. Though the saree is not famous in the northern part of India, it does have a good and glorious reputation around the world. Pochampally Ikat sarees are of the oldest dyed prints in the state and is famous for its Ikat style of dyeing the cloth.

      The Process of Pochampally

      The patterns on a Pochampally pattu saree are mostly geometric. Pochampally are done by the famous dyeing techniques of Ikat. The ikats dying are done differently through geometrical patterns of Pochampally. Ikat refers to ‘tie’ and dye. The process of dyeing has a lot of process to get fine colors on pochampally handloom. The process of pochampally involves many intricate processes. From silk yarns in bundles and then applying a tight wrapping on the yarns to very beautiful geometric motifs. After the whole process, the sarees are dyed and tight wrapping is done . These Pochampally pattu sarees are famous for their exclusive patterns and got the love for its fabric and the comfort it brings in.

      Pochampally has the most gorgeous fabric of silk. The masterpiece of motifs, patterns, colors are one of the finest in the handloom word. Pochampally requires around 100 days of dedication to get perfect.

      Pochampally at International Stage

      Pochampally handlooms have places and have acquired a lot of attention. The sarees have been there at many international ramps and runways. Designers have highlighted its charming characteristics in a very contemporary style. The handloom of pochampally comes in a very light and pastel shade and motifs have been weaved at the borders of the saree. There are also zari motifs which have been the highlight of ramps.

      Reinventing Pochampally Pattu Saree

      Pochampally handlooms have grown with time. The handlooms have been exquisite and get reinvented with time. There are many motifs for the contemporary world that have brought the younger generation to wear the handloom and flaunt. Tear drop, cross cut diamond are most famous motifs of the contemporary world.

      Taking Care of the Pochampally Ikat Silk Saree

      • Before washing your sarees with soap, keep them soaked in salt water for some time but not for a longer duration.
      • Use good quality, mild detergents to hand wash your sarees. Do not use dyes, bleach, harsh stain removers on delicate fabrics.
      • Avoid using a brush on Pochampally handloom sarees as it can easily tear the fabric.
      • Remember to wash these Pochampally handlooms only in cold water. Also Never wash your expensive handloom sarees in a washing machine.
      • Petrol , talcum powder can be used for stain removal. OR else dry cleaning would be the best option.
      • Avoid direct sunlight when drying a saree which might discolors the fabric.
      • Never wring the Pochampally handloom saree rather wrap the saree in clean, absorbent, light coloured towels and press it gently.
      • Also change the saree folds to avoid creases that can wear and tear the fabric use and hanger to store them.

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