Tarabali Saree

Tarabali Saree

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      Khandua Saree is one of most prominent sarees of Odisha. Taraballi is one of the famous prints from the khandua silk sarees. The rail of stars on the fabrics describes the word Taraballi (Tara meaning stars and balli- sand that indicates sprinkled like sand). The sarees describes the sprinkled stars all over the aanchal. These sarees are worn on very special and auspicious occasions in Odisha like weddings and festivities.


      The origin of Khandua goes back to 12th Century AD and has close links with Lord Jagannath Temple rituals at Puri, Odisha. Originally designed using red, yellow, maroon, and cream colors, they contain Texts from the Gita Govinda. Gita Govinda or the song of Govinda by the Odia poet Jaydeva is a 12th century work. The patterns on Khandua describe the relationship between Krishna and the gopis in particular Radha. Taraballi Silk Sarees in particular are famous for the lane of stars on the aanchal which brings all the attention to it.

      The Attraction of Khandua Taraballi Sarees

      The Taraballi Handloom sarees are made from traditional silk yarn and the weavers use their skill to convert the soft and smooth silk into beautiful sarees.This famous Tarabali silk saree is a depiction of the stars in the sky.


      The quality of the Khandua taraballi silk yarns are tested under stringent guidelines and checked for impurities. With the production of quality silk yarns being used, the khandua taraballi saree produced has always been acclaimed worldwide. Famous for its temple borders, the Khandua saree is praised by all those who see this beauty. The Nuapatna weavers were much influenced by nature and the weaves were inspired from mother nature.

      The Clusters of Taraballi Handloom

      Khandua Sarees had the largest cluster in Odisha situated at Nuapatna and so as Taaraballi Sarees. The Khandua Taraballi sarees are woven with wooden looms in the traditional style of hand Prints weaving and the whole village of Nuapatna is devoted to this traditional form of weaving. Located just 3 kms away from Nuapatna, Manibandha also has a population of weavers and leaves Khandua Taraballi sarees.

      Taraballi handloom sarees are made only with high quality natural fibers like cotton and silk, which make them light in weight and easy to carry. This fabric makes the textile perfect for women of all age groups. Taraballi is a contemporary saree with traditional tints which creates an allure that is magical for its motifs.