Maheshwari Handloom

Maheshwari Handloom Sarees


      Maheshwari - The Handloom from the Heart

      India being a land of handlooms has one handloom at the end corner of every state. All the culture and heritage of India bring out the best of creativity. The threads are weaved through the history and culture which has been spoken throughout the patterns and motifs. The patterns and motifs of the Maheswari handloom Saree have a very different vibe altogether. The vibe of the Maheshwari handloom speaks so much through the heart that the artisans put into the creative part of the handloom.

      Maheshwari Saree comes from the heart of India i.e Madhya Pradesh and has won hearts all over the world. Maheshwari handloom saree is one of the beautiful saree that brings light to a house full of sarees. The love for the Maheswari handloom is for the texture and glaze. The saree has an amazing glittering effect that catches the attention and eyes. Belonging to the heart of India, it is loved and adored by a large number of people in India along with the international ones. Traditional maheshwari saree belongs to a very royal region which is often seen in the shine and motifs and has a beautiful history to know about.

      The Royal Roots

      The golden thread work and the subtle yet boldness the traditional maheshwari saree brings have got royal hints. The royalty of the Maheshwari handloom begins in the little town of Maheshwar on the banks of River Narmada. The town, Maheshwar is historic with gardens, temples and many cultural associations. All of such beauty is seen in the traditional maheshwari silk saree. These beauties got higher with glory and made maheshwari saree a symbol of elegance and cheerfulness. The history is broad of all handlooms with many royalties coming and giving new features and motifs to it. With these stories, handloom sarees usually have a beautiful story associated with them.

      Handloom sarees are often a crown at the occasion and talking about the Maheshwari silk saree, it is the jewels above the crown. With so much dignity to the saree, there is a very interesting story linked to it. During the 18th century, a famous Queen named Rani Ahilyabai Holkar once ordered a large number of artisans and craftsmen from Surat and Malwa to design a unique saree of 9 yards. This was later termed the Maheshwari saree. These cloth pieces of Maheshwari handloom were used as special gifts for the royal guests of the palace. Some stories say the design itself was woven to produce Maheshwari sarees created by Queen herself. Traditional maheshwari silk sarees were originally worn by royal ladies at that time and became popular. It has the magnificence that makes the Maheshwari saree a glorious handloom.

      The Glory of Maheshwari Saree

      These elegant Maheshwari handloom sarees were traditionally dyed with vegetative dyes with local Madhya Pradesh names for the colors such as Angoori (grape green), Gul Bakshi (magenta), Aamrak (golden yellow), Jaamla (purple), and Tapkeer (deep brown). The motifs on the saree are symmetrical and patterned from the zari thread work. These patterns and colors make it a very adorable and wearable sarees at formal and informal parties, celebrations, office and house parties. Maheshwari handloom saree is one of the inclusive saree that can be part of any formal and informal occasion both. This is because of the color combination and contrast and the exclusive motifs all over.

      The glorious patterns of the Maheshwari saree are seen in the grand borders of the saree. Maheshwari handloom saree usually are plain on the body and have pattern borders. This unique feature makes the saree grand and the patterns on the borders add so much to it.

      Maheshwari handloom is adored because of another beautiful reason it doesn't have a back. Yes, the borders of the saree are reversible and hence you can wear the saree from both sarees.

      Patterns on the Materials

      Maheshwari handloom saree has a very exclusive motif sequence which is not often not found in the usual handloom saree or any other sarees. The motifs of the Maheshwari saree take all the credits to make it glorious and grand. The patterns of the Maheshwari handloom saree were taken from the wall designs. The range of patterns such as the Chatai (Mat) pattern, Chameli ka Phool (Chameli Flowers), Eant (Brick pattern), and Heera or Diamond pattern are often seen in the saree which is never seen in other sarees. Maheshwari handloom belonging from Madhya Pradesh and the royalty there have patterns which were very common for the state and grand for the royalty reign there. Hence the patterns of the handloom saree were influenced by the locality and the royalty.

      Traditional silk saree was made up of pure silk. But later with innovation, comfort preference and choices, Maheshwari sarees began to be produced in cotton or a combination of cotton and silk. And in today’s time, we also find Maheshwari handloom sarees in wool fabric. These handlooms are extremely lightweight and have sharpness.

      The Collections

      IndianVillez offers a wide range of Maheshwari handlooms with checkered and boota motifs all over. The colors are many numbers to choose from in the collection of Maheshwari handloom sarees. These very organic and bold handloom sarees are perfect for almost occasions and deserve to be on show at parties. Buy this beautiful collection of Maheshwari handlooms to be the star of the parties.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How to identify an original Maheshwari handloom?

      Maheshwari handloom saree comes in silk, cotton, and wool, and hence anything other than this wouldn’t be a Maheshwari saree. The reversible border is a unique feature that can make you choose the original Maheshwari. The handloom is also lightweight and has unique motifs of chameli and chatai which can be a few of their identity marks.

      How to take care of the Maheshwari saree?

      Do not use a strong detergent or prefer a dry wash. If washing at home do not keep the saree in water for a long time because the glaze might go away. Also, take care of the saree from the sun. Maheshwari handloom has been dried in a shaded place far from the sun. If pressing(iron) the saree, put it in low heat or medium heat to avoid damage.

      Where to get an original Maheshwari saree?

      Despite so much awareness, people are ditched when it comes to handlooms. Hence got a shop that has a brand and is known for handloom. Many specialized handloom stores only sell handloom products. Remember brand always brings authenticity. While shopping online, don’t just go with the flow rather verify the website before placing an order and making the payment.