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    16 products

    Maheswari - The Handloom from the Heart

    Every state of India is filled with culture and heritage. With all the history, there comes a type of thread work that carries the culture on fabrics. The center of India , (Madhya Pradesh) has a beautiful handloom to wear and show off to the world. Maheswari handloom saree is one of the beautiful saree that brings light in a house full of sarees. Belonging from the heart of India, it is loved and adored by a large number of people. Maheswari saree belongs to a very royal region and has a beautiful history to know about.

    The History Maheswari Handloom

    Beside the history and journey this saree has brought colors and golden thread work. The sare comes from the town on the banks of Narmada named Maheshwar. The town's historic with gardens, temples, and many cultural associations. The glory arose with handwoven maheshwari saree which has become a symbol of elegance and cheerfulness from this prime handloom weaving center dating back to the 5th century. Since then the maheswari handloom sarees have been shining and shaan on the occasions.

    Glory of Maheswari Saree

    These elegant Maheshwar handloom sarees were traditionally dyed with vegetative dyes with local Madhya Pradesh names for the colors such as Angoori (grape green), Gul Bakshi (magenta), Aamrak (golden yellow), Jaamla (purple) and Tapkeer (deep brown). The motifs on the saree are symmetrical and patterned from zari thread work. These patterns and colors make it a very adorable and wearable sarees at formal and informal parties, celebration, office and house parties.

    The Collections

    IndianVillez offered a wide range of Maheshwari handlooms with checkered and boots motifs all over. The colors are many in number to choose from the collection of Maheshwari sarees. These very organic and bold handloom sarees are perfect for many occasions and deserve to be on show at the parties. Buy this beautiful collection of Maheshwari handlooms to be the star of the parties.