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      Pure Banarasi Silk Saree

      Banarasi Saree speaks a thousand feelings of aesthetic and beauty and is one of the finest handlooms that have been in trend since centuries. As the Mughals came to India , this intricate work and design on banarasi saree came to be seen in India. The intricate work of the Saree has changed with time. This Mughal royal touch is the charm and elegance of Banarasi Handloom Saree. Banarasi’s gorgeous silk with the intricate Zari work and the snobbish designs makes it world famous. This Banarasi handloom Saree tells the tales of thousands of words through patterned zari work and designs.

      Favorites Amongst Ladies

      Banarasi handloom saree has been the glory and it is important to know the original ones amongst many fake ones. Original Banarasi saree that will feel soft compared to other fabrics and are the lightest. Banarasi handlooms have a very textured background because of the unique weave work on it. You will be a little surprised to know that the softness in the banarasi handloom saree is boiled in water with special ingredients for a long time. These original ones are the best amongst all and banarasi handlooms and are an absolute piece to own and flaunt. Silk sarees are usually loved among women but the unmatched quality , the purest silk and the intricate work makes the banarasi saree favorite amongst ladies. To wear a posh and royal saree and still be extremely comfortable is a plus point that makes the banarasi handloom adorable, durable and wearable.

      Versatility of Banarasi Saree

      Banarasee saree is extremely versatile to be worn in functions, parties and also at the office. Ladies with both modern taste and traditional preferences both go for banarasi sarees to wear it at many occasions. Either in the office, or in the functions, either in your 20s and in your 60s, banarasi saree will always make you the center of attraction. With the varieties of thread, banarasi handloom offers different banarasi to the ladies to make their presence gorgeous and impactful. There are Tissue, Butidar, Cutwork, Tanchoi, and Jangal varieties in banarasi handloom that are going to make you shine. The detailed weaving of the saree which makes the saree royal and you be the attraction of the events. These highly acclaimed and world famous banarasi handlooms have been part of many fashion shows and worn by many celebrities all around the world.

      The Collections of IndianVillez

      There is a variety of collections of banarasi handloom sarees with IndianVillez that will win and take your heart. There is this collection of unique, charming and bold colors like peach, green , magenta, raspberry, salmon orange, parrot green, lilac and a lot more to explore at Indian villez. These colors will definitely make your eyes go wow and definitely make you wonder about wearing it. Along with this the motifs on these pretty colors are of jaal work, flowers, patterns and silk fabric are of both mulberry and tussar. You must explore these to buy these beauties of banarasi handloom saree and make this a part of your wardrobe collection. Explore the collections of IndianVillez and buy it to raise the class of your wardrobe.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the Royal Factor in Life?

      Mughals introduced the creative intricate work and design on banarasi Saree came into existence. Mughal Emperor Akbar is believed to be the pioneer of Banarasi handloom, During his reign the craft flourished and reached new heights. Akbar loved and cherished this ancient silk work of banarasi and hence he also draped his palace in silk.

      How Old is It?

      Banarasi handloom sarees date back to the period of Ramayana and Banarasi Silk was then introduced to India then. Banarasi sarees are mentioned as the attire of the gods in the divine Rig Veda too. The handloom has been existing since ages.

      Is the Silk Pure in Banarasi?

      Banarasi handloom’s silk is pure. The shine of the pure silk makes the saree go extremely beautiful. Banarasi handloom is made out of mulberry silk and eri silk. Mostly sarees are weaved in mulberry silk. The texture, the feel, the smoothness of every intricacy on the fabric shows the quality of silk. Banarasi handloom is made out of the purest silk.

      Banarasi Comes in any Other Types of Silk?

      Banarasi comes in many types of silk like, Georgette Silk, Katan Silk, Tussar Silk, Organza Silk, Dupion Silk, Moonga Silk, Tissue Silk and many others.

      Is Banarasi Handloom Heavy?

      The weight of a Banarasi Silk Sarees totally depends on the Zari work. With different types of banarasi saree, the zari work varies hence the weight of banarasi saree aso varies. It is one of the heavy saree you can style in weddings.

      Is the Saree Perfect for a Wedding?

      Banarasi saree is one of the perfect handlooms for Indian wedding and reception. Many celebrities have slayed their wedding and reception look in banarasi. The red banarasi is one of the most preferred sarees in the wedding season. The saree is the expensive, classy and riyal saree you can style in your wedding. You can also wear the saree on other auspicious occasions too. Banarasi lehengas are also popular in different Indian festivities. You can rock it at your siblings or friend’s wedding.

      Can I Buy Them Online?

      Yes there are many websites which are selling banarasi handloom online. Just make sure, you are buying it from a genuine company. You might get duped while buying banarasi.

      What is the Price Range of Banarasi Saree?

      An original Banarasi Saree can cost anywhere from 3,000 rupees to 300,000 rupees.

      How to Spot an Original Banarasi?

      The back of the original handloom is threads tied to each other which is the proof of the handmade or handloom work. The machine work is finished and hence the threads behind are the proof of an original banarasi. Also original ones got a GI tag and hence be careful of getting duped.

      Banarasi Requires Maintenance?

      Yes, being an expensive and handloom banarasi saree requires a lot of maintenance. Better to go for dry cleaning rather than washing it at home. Do not wring and show it in the sunlight. Store it with care and use neem leaves or naphthalene balls to avoid insects. Better hang it somewhere rather than folding it which might crumple the saree. Try to cover your banarasi sarees with cotton or muslin to keep away from dust. . Keep banarasi sarees away from sunlight, moisture or even from harsh environments. If you have to take care of the handloom and prepare to buy one, make yourself ready for the maintenance.

      What Makes the Saree so Trendy Even Today?

      Simple, the class the saree holds. The zari work, the royalty, the finished motifs on it and the bold colors everything adds on to banarasi saree. People love history attached to their attire and hence weaning a handloom that narrates stories is always special. The saree is craze for ladies and men both during wedding season.