Kotpad Indo-Western Organic Dresses

Kotpad Indo-Western Organic Dresses


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      Kotpad Indo-Western Organic Dresses for Women

      IndianVillez introduces a whole range of organic clothing for women that are the Kotpad outfits. Indo-western outfits of these kotpad fabric are stylish and beautiful to flaunt and wear. Kotpad organic fabric is a beautiful handloom that is a favorite among many. Anyone who knows the handloom has always wanted to own it. This was initially weaved for the king of Koraput but the weavers were the tribes which made the fabric spread for the commoners. Indo-western organic women clothing of kotpad fabric are not just stylish but are also beautiful & comfortable to flaunt. All these organic cotton dresses are made by hand out of love by the tribes of Odisha. These naturally dyed dresses have unique and fashionable sleeves that give a very classy look. The colors used are natural dyes i.e all colors used are organic and are extracted from mother nature like bark of tree, leaves, turmeric, iron dust etc.

      This Odisha handloom has been an economic support for the tribes. These organic cotton dresses are weaved by love and warmth of the Trivedi. Kotpad’s revival is known to many and has been in trend since years and also been the very early products to get the prestigious Geographical Tag. The handloom being so beautiful and royal still not much in the limelight. There was a time when 10000 households were the part of the weaving community which have reduced to only 30-40 which makes a big concern for this Odisha handloom industry. There have been celebrities who have presented it but still it needs more encouragement. Besides this there are multiple reasons to own a Kotpad Indo-western organic dress in your wardrobe.

      • Kotpad are Dyed Naturally- Kotpad fabric processes are 100% organic. They are weaved using natural tools and are hand weaved. Along with these, the dye is used in Kotpad fabric. The dye is actually kneaded into the yarn through the feet of the which makes this kneading process act like a massage which makes the threads softer. Kotpad fabric’s dye is derived from the Aul or madder dye which is extracted from the root of the Indian Madder tree along with other vegetable dyes. This natural dye is also skin friendly.

      • Handcrafted Kotpad- This Kotpad handloom Indo-western dresses are handcrafted. The handcrafted work takes around 30-35 days to get one peice of handloom. Castor oil and cow dung is massaged for bleaching. Each of the processes is done with dedication and love. All of the kotpad handlooms have hand, sweat and love of the artisans.

      • Tribal People- If you own a kotpad handloom Indo-western outfits, you will see the creativity and handwork. Kotpad is all handcrafted by the tribals of Odisha. Originally Kotpad handloom are weaved tribal groups “Bhotada” and Dharua and other neighboring tribes. A special group of tribal “MIRGAN” are dedicated to produce unique vegetable dyed fabric and produce Kotpad handloom.

      • Summer and Winter Friendly- To note, Kotpad Indo-western organic dresses work for both the seasons. During the summer season, Kotpad handlooms keep you cool. Kotpad handloom is porus which makes the airflow easy. And during winter, Kotpad is again friendly. It traps the air during winter which keeps us warm. Hence Kotpad is your friend in both the seasons.

      Kotpad organic fabric is worn by many models at international shows and celebrities like Sona Mohapatra. Sonia Gandhi also loves the Kotpad handloom. The kotpad organic dresses are woven to match the trend of the contemporary styles. There are dresses, tops, kurtis, frocks in different designs of sleeves, neck, length and pattern. All of them are designed by designers and can be great for your collection and wardrobe. This organic cotton dress is also a favorite among many for being "outfit for all seasons". You can check out the beautiful collections of Indo-Western from the IndianVillez of Kotpad organic dresses.