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      Kotpad Organic Natural Dye (Vegetable Dye Fabric)

      You must be knowing about the organic cotton fabric from Odisha or famously known as Kotpad Fabric. Kotpad fabric has been the preferred fabric for many reasons. It has been one of the most sustainable and organic fabrics that have been a fashion statement for people. These organic cotton fabrics have been in trend for decades now. Even with time kotpad fabric becomes more pretty and comes more often in the list of preferences of the fashionistas and the common public.

      Community of Kotpad Fabric: Kotpad fabric is a vegetable dyed organic cotton fabric which is woven by the tribal weavers of a particular community called Mrigan of Kotpad village in Koraput district of Odisha. This brownish maroon shade with tribal motifs is one of the beautiful handlooms of Odisha that has won hearts. Though the famous Mirgan community of Kotpad primarily weaves the exotic organic cotton fabric. Initially and usually Mirgan weaves this textile for "Bhotada", "Dharua" and nearby tribal communities. A little hamlet of Odisha was known to the world just because of the Mrigan community. Odisha has to be grateful to the Mrigan community for bringing Kotpad fabric and getting the first Geographical Tag to the state.

      The History

      The origin of this cotton fabric is not a grand one. No grand history, just tribes making their cotton fabric and weaving it for other tribes to wear. The cotton fabric was probably just a need that was brought together through natural resources and ways to create a beauty like this. The creativity was then transferred from generation to generation and got the recognition it deserves.

      Natural Resources Were the Gem

      The generation has brought down natural resources and created a masterpiece like this. Here are the natural materials that Mrigan tribes take. Cotton yarn, Tussar silk and Aal tree roots are the primary products. The naturally pulled color makes Kotpad fabric come in a limited but exclusive color.

      The limitation of color availability makes the pretty saree unique and precious. The main colors extracted are black and maroon. But these colors range from deep maroon to dark brown also because of the age of the root bark of the Aal tree along with the proportion of the dye used. This addition and proportion of colors make the Kotpad cotton fabric dramatic.

      The Fabric Gets a Glow Up

      Kotpad cotton fabric takes at least 15 to 30 days for processing the color and dyeing threads into different colors. The weavers initially transform this fabric into beautiful attire. The fabrics are evolved to the three-shuttle pit loom with extra weft to make them wearable pieces. The textiles of Kotpad cotton fabric talk through their motifs. The fabric that makes the most attractive textiles are Sarees, Dresses and shawls.

      The Fabric Got Some Plus Points

      • Kotpad is season inclusive. Yes these Kotpad cotton fabric makes you feel airy during summer and keeps you warm during winter.
      • Kotpad cotton fabric is organic. The threads, the shades and the process everything here are organic and natural.
      • These Kotpad handloom fabrics are all handcrafted. There is no use of machines to make one piece of cotton fabric from the kotpad.
      • You will support the handloom industry which is indigenous and you will make your contribution to the tribe's livelihood and recognition too.

      The Collection

      IndianVillez offers you a variety of options to get your kotpad handloom fabric. The subtle, bold, light, dark and beautiful colors of fabric are all here, you can choose whichever you want. The turquoise, orange, white, black checkered, summer blue and yellow, salmon pink, maroon, blue, and a lot of others for you. Get your Kotpad handloom fabric and rock it.