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The crafts around the world are right from the corner of villages where the threads of the handloom are being created with dedication and pride. This pride is seen in the tiny and detailed work of the handlooms. These works make up for the beautiful creations which are adorned when worn by both men and women but especially women. All these alluring handloom are brought to the stores from the creative indian villages which is why our store is named as “IndianVillèz”

IndianVillèz has been a bridge for the artisans, weavers, painters, traditional cloth painters, weavers of the village to the suburban and urban stores. Our store acts as an angel transforming the lives of the village's creative craftsmen. We as a store motivate, guide and provide selling opportunities through online platforms and stores. Handloom Stores like us have a very wide range of markets for all handlooms and handicrafts of India, especially Odisha Handlooms.

Our Objective

We as a handloom store have been a window from the interiors of odisha and other states to the urban and suburban regions. Handloom stores are sophisticated centers where craftsmen can bring out their work and earn their livelihood and we have been trying to do the same. We also aim to create employment opportunities and provide a better livelihood for the craftsmen. We as an Odisha Handloom Store also aim to bring the gorgeous handloom of odisha to the eyes and reach of people. This will revive the handloom industry and continue the centuries old crafts.

We also want to be the handloom store to credit the craftsmen and give them recognition and respect along remnumeraction. And lastly we want to get the recognition for the works of Odisha which are still behind the veils.

Where are we currently providing?

Our handloom store is virtually available and is shipping all over the world. We are also available offline at Bhubaneswar Odisha.

The Sarees We Keep

The handlooms we have are of a very wide range of traditional handlooms. Odisha handlooms like ikat, navarangi, bomkai, nabakothi, pasapalli, khandua, nuapatna, berhampur patta etc. and many contemporary sarees. We also have very exquisite handlooms like banarasi, south indian handlooms like venkatagiri, maheswari and many beautiful collections to adore. The colors are extremely diverse from different states making our handloom collection extremely snobbish, regal and colourful.Odisha handloom ikat fabric is one of most handlooms our store owns.

We also own other accessories for the customers other than sarees like accessories and kitchenwares.

IndianVillez’s Sarees are Different?

We are an innovative brand that believes in bringing in contemporary designs having traditional touch which make our store exclusive and favorite for the customers. Our handloom store does not comprise quality and our sarees are softest and best quality fabrics and have some of the finest motifs on these extremely beautiful pieces and also has some of the award winning handloom sarees which elevates the brand and fame. The quality is tested and approved before it gets sold both online and from our outlet in Bhubaneswar.