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Pattachitra Painting

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      Odisha Patachitra Paintings & Art | Folk Paintings

      Pattachitra painting is a traditional art form that originated in the state of Odisha, India. The word "Pattachitra" is derived from two Sanskrit words, "Patta" meaning canvas or cloth, and "Chitra" meaning painting or picture.

      The art form involves the use of a cloth canvas made from cotton or silk, on which the artists create intricate paintings using natural colors derived from various sources such as plants, minerals, and rocks. These Patachitra paintings usually depict mythological stories, religious themes, and cultural traditions of Odisha.

      Pattachitra paintings are known for their vibrant colors, intricate detailing, and unique style, which are created by a combination of techniques such as line work, shading, and color blending. The artists usually begin by sketching the outline of the subject on the canvas using a brush and then filling it in with colors.

      Traditionally, Pattachitra paintings were used as wall hangings and murals in temples and other religious places. However, today, they have gained popularity as a decorative art form and are also used in fashion accessories, home decor items, and even as souvenirs.

      The art form is practiced by a community of artists in Odisha, who have inherited the technique and skills from their forefathers. The intricate designs and colors used in Pattachitra paintings reflect the rich cultural heritage of Odisha and continue to be a source of pride and identity for the people of the state.