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      Odisha Handloom Saree

      With the blend of history and culture Odisha knits threads into beautiful pieces of Handloom. Odisha handloom is not only beautiful but is also precious and countless in number. The variety of Odisha Handloom Saree comes in different fabrics, patterns and designs. This artistic brilliance has the tints of Lord Jagnnath culture which dates back to 600 BCE. The different handlooms of Odisha are sprinkled all over the state. From the north to the south of Odisha, there are different types of handloom. The intricate works which shows the distinctiveness and speciality of the handloom. The Berhampur Patta Saree, Sambalpuri Ikat Silk Saree, Khandua Pata Silk Sarees are the few examples of prominent handlooms of Odisha.

      The Story Behind Handloom

      With the cult culture Odisha handloom fabrics are all organic and are a source of livelihood of many local artisans. The patterns of Odisha Handlooms vary from flowers, to cult culture tales, natural beauty of the state, temples and geometric patterns. Odisha Handloom Sarees are unique in its colors, fabric and weaving methods making them an eye-catching possession. With the classy and distinct handloom sarees of Odisha are famous worldwide. These handloom sarees of Odisha are widely loved and worn by many celebrities.

      The Artistic Craft

      These artistic Odisha handloom saree come in many types, depending on the region it is produced in, the fabric used, the weave of the fabric, the designs on the fabric and the pallu. These handloom sarees of Odisha are amongst the finest in the land since handloom is one of the largest industries in Odisha. These handlooms are also one of the most ancient handlooms too.

      Handloom and Odisha

      Odisha handloom provides tremendous employment opportunities for the labor intensive state like it. IndianVillez has been helping the labor force to build their livelihood and be a part of this sustainable market. The vibrant colour, texture and fabric makes the saree extremely special. You would definitely get amused with the wide range of versatility in pattern designs of the saree. You can pick any of these Odisha handlooms for work or any celebrations. Sometimes, these sarees are confused with other sarees. The texture and thick fabric makes the handloom of Odisha stand out.

      Here at IndianVillez you can have a variety of Odisha handlooms which will be your heritage for life. We have collections of some gorgeous and intricate sarees. You can have your hands on Nabakothi, Pattachitra, Dolabedi, Cotton Ikkat, Tussar, Dongaria, Habaspuri, Bomkai, Khandua, Sambalpuri, Berhampuri and Contemporary Handlooms by Designers.

      Taking Care of the Precious Handloom Sarees

      The Precious sarees are needed to be taken care of. Here are a few steps you can follow to maintain these beauties.
      1. Go For dry cleaning for the first wash. As this is handloom there might be excess dye on the dark coloured sarees. These sarees might bleed or leave the color for the first few washes. No worries about the color of the saree. It won't fade away. however the color will not fade.
      2. Subsequently wash gently.
      3. While washing at home soak the saree in shampoo or mild detergent and gently dip and dry the saree in a shaded area.
      4. Remember not to expose the handloom sarees of Odisha to direct sunlight . This will fade the color.
      5. These sarees must be ironed gently and softly after washing.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the History Behind Odisha Handloom?

      Odisha handloom has the blessings of Lord Jagannath. Almost all of the handlooms of Odisha have a link to the lord. The cult of Lord Jagannath began the weaving of handlooms in Odisha during 600BCE. History says Jaydev (the poet) offered his great poem “GITA GOVINDA” to Lord Jagannath through fabrics. The poem was woven into the fabric. This beautiful work attracted the King Of Puri who ordered many fabrics of Gita Govinda for rituals of the Lord.

      What are the Different Odisha Handlooms i can Buy?

      Numerous Odisha handlooms have not just won the eyes and hearts but also been a highlight at international events. Here are the beautiful Odisha handlooms that you can buy. Kotpad, Sambalpuri, Pasapalli, Bomkai, Khandua, Dolabedi, Berhumpuri, Nobakothi, and Dongria are some of the finest Odisha handloom sarees you can own. Sambalpuri, Kotpad, Khandua are some of the most widely sold saree amongst all.

      Does Odisha Handloom Only Come in Cotton?

      Odisha handloom comes in both Silk and Cotton. The silk of Odisha handloom is the unique tussar silk.

      Do They Come in a Variety of Colors?

      Odisha handlooms are organic and natural. Initially, there were four colors i.e. black, white, yellow and red and green were added later. Today all Odisha handlooms come in limited colors because of the natural resources of colors. There are a few handlooms which come in other colors too.

      What are the Popular Motifs of Odisha Handloom?

      Odisha Handlooms’ motifs vary from flowers to cult culture tales, natural beauty of the state, temples and geometric patterns. Odisha Handloom Sarees are unique with their motifs which make the handloom stand out in the crowd.

      The Market is Full of Fake Handlooms Today. How Can I Differentiate the Original One?

      Original odisha handlooms have woven looms behind the saree. The sarees are weaved in hand hence there will be threads at the back of the weaved saree. To get the original Odisha handloom one must check the patterns, the looms behind and the GI tag.

      Which Celebrities Have Worn the Odisha Handlooms?

      Handlooms have a special corner in the hearts of celebrities. Many celebrities have flaunted the Odisha handlooms on various occasions. Late Indira Gandhi was a fan of the Sambalpuri handloom saree which surged the sale of it. The Gandhi family, Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are often seen wearing Odisha handloom sarees. Sona Mohapatra has always promoted her roots and culture and is a big fan of Odisha handloom. Politicians like Prativa Singh Patil, Nirmala Sitharaman and our very own Madame President Draupadi Murmu have worn the dignified Odisha handlooms at dignified events and functions. The saree lover and talented actress Vidya Balan have flaunted Odisha’s Ikat handloom. Tisca Chopra and Dilip Tirkey have been a fan and wore it at events in the state.

      What Makes the Odisha Handloom Expensive?

      Odisha handloom is one of the less costly handloom sarees you can own. The dedication and hard work of the artisans raises the price of the saree. One saree usually takes around 20-30 days and hence the artisans must get the worthy price of their work. Along with that, other expenses have to be taken care of. The price of the Odisha handloom usually starts from 5 thousand.

      Should I Be Careful to Maintain an Odisha Handloom?

      Yes, the saree being delicate requires extra attention. Prefer dry cleaning and dry gently avoiding harsh sunlight. Store the saree gently to avoid folds and creases on the handloom. A little care can make your Odisha handloom last longer.