Dokra Tribal Jewellery

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      The Tribal Art of Dokra Jewellery

      The entire outfit elevates with the touch of beautiful jewellery that speaks for itself and the attire. And when jewellery is handcrafted, it brings in so much history and pride. IndianVillez has the most beautiful collection of Dokra jewellery to explore. Out of all the elegant handcrafted products, the handcrafted Dokra Jewellery makes a place for us. The intricate and ravelled designs describe how this handmade Dokra jewellery has made a space amongst all and created an immense impact in the world of handcrafted jewellery.

      The History of Dhokra Jewellery

      These beautiful crafts of the tribal pieces of jewellery have a very long history to tell the world about its royalty and heritage. The story of dokra traces back more than 4000 years. The existing shreds of evidence say this Indian tribe's jewellery belongs to the earliest civilisation i.e. Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations. The unique name of this Indian tribal jewellery is derived from the tribes who were traditional metalsmiths from theWest Bengal and Odisha. This traditional metalsmith was known there as “ Dhokra Damar”.

      The Home of Dhokra Jewellery

      Dokra jewellery is made by the mentioned tribe known as Dokra Damra. These tribes used a unique style of handcraft famously called the lost wax casting technique. Dokra handmade jewellery is a popular craft form practised in the villages of Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. Besides these, the presence of these tribes who make Dokra jewellery is also found in Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Kerala and Telegana. IndianVillez works closely with the artisans, experiencing the passion and dedication of craftsmen and provides a market for this range of tribal jewellery. This lost-wax technique which is named after the Dokra Damar tribe can also be found in international countries of China, Egypt, Malaysia, Nigeria and Central America.

      The Attraction of the Indian Dokra Tribal Jewellery

      Dokra Jewellery's beauty lies in the rustic shade which is famous all around the world. Dokra horses, elephants, peacocks, religious idols and measuring bowls and a lot of others are famous artefact of the Dokra jewellery. Distinctive, detailed and enchanting folk or traditional motifs Dokra jewellery is an edge over all handcrafted jewellery techniques.

      The Process

      This eye-catching artefact is created using scrap materials. Brass is one of the main materials and the artefacts are filled with clay. Natural resources such as wax, resin, wood from the forest and riverbed clay are used by the craftsman. Areas, where the production happens on a large scale, have a detailed process to make the handmade Dokra Jewellery. First, a hole is dug in the ground for heating purposes which acts as a firing oven but with time the availability of raw materials has changed its course. In today’s process, the metals used in making the artefacts are available in the form of wires in different shapes and diameters. The Artisans of Dokra Jewellery work with extreme dedication to make these fine pieces of jewellery.

      In today’s world Dokra handmade or the Dokra Tribal Jewellery also has contemporary pieces to make them look fashionable and style statement. Dokra jewellery can be one of the finest pieces to style with your office wears, casual wear or parties.