Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

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      Sambalpuri Saree has been the glory and pride of all Odisha handlooms for centuries. The six yards beauty of Odisha handloom has been one of the most beautiful yet intricate sarees to own. Sambalpuri ikat saree’s history, heritage, culture, artisan and detailed work elevate the beauty of the saree. Sambalpuri Cotton saree originated from the land of Goddess Samalei (sambalpur district) which is a symbol of strength and tenderness.

      Beginning Story of the Sambalpuri Handloom

      Sambalpuri cotton handloom began by the Bhuli community which then spread its creativity and art all over the world. The saree of royal colors and patterns also has a royal history. The fall of the Chauhan empires and the beginning of the Mughals began in 1192 A.D. With the destruction Bhulia community fled away in terror toward western Odisha. Chauhan empire has always encouraged the Bhulia community but the community was terrified of the violence of Mughals and ran away with their craft towards Odisha. Here they began their livelihood with the Sambalpuri ikat cotton saree. Samabalpuri's pure cotton saree won hearts within a small period.

      The Ikat Handloom

      Sambalpuri cotton sarees take a long time, creativity and detailed labor. Sambalpuri Ikat saree uses the double ikat weaving which is one of the hyped handlooms in the weaving world. Sambalpuri saree uses Ikat technique which is a resist dyeing and weaving technique. The textile craft of Sambalpuri Ikat Sarees is known as bandha kala or ‘tie art’ in Odisha. Ikat is a long process which can take between three days to three months depending on the design.

      The Detailed Process of Sambalpuri Cotton Saree

      Sambalpuri cotton handloom is a saree which is loved and owned by many. It is very detailed with a dyeing technique that is used to pattern fabrics. The silk yarn used for sambalpuri Ikat saree is first segregated. Then these yarns are measured and individually tied and dyed. The continuous process of tying and dying until the pattern is properly and accurately coloured is an important part of the sambalpuri ikat handloom. After the beautiful colors have been dyed into the saree, the threads are detached from the bindings. Then the yarns are spun into bobbins and pins and they are loaded to the beams. The desired pattern of the Sambalpuri cotton handloom is then weaved and the Sambalpuri Ikat Saree gets its form.

      The Ikat is the beauty of the warp and weft process which is the most beautiful part of the Sambalpuri handloom saree. “Wrap” is to weave the foundation layer of weaving while the “weft” refers to the thread woven through to create both fabric and design.

      Sambalpuri Cotton Sarees

      Cotton Sarees are widely loved for its comfort and coolness. Sambalpuri Cotton Sarees are favorite among Odisha women. They are perfect for any weather and the motifs of the Sambalpuri cotton handloom are perfect for any occasion. The cotton handloom of Sambalpuri saree is just upto the mark for all occasions. The most stylish part of Sambalpuri Cotton saree is the intricate details and motifs of conches, flowers, and wheels. All of these detailed motifs make all the difference between sambalpuri saree from all other Odisha handlooms.

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