Banarasi Handloom Saree - Straight from the divine ghats of Banaras

Banarasi Handloom is one of the gorgeous crafts that India upholds with pride. The handloom comes from a very ancient town and stands close to the royalty. Banarasi handloom saree speaks the tales of the ghats and love of the towns. The work on the saree talks about the superiority of the handloom and the innocence of the artisans. Banarasi Saree speaks a thousand feelings of aesthetic and beauty. The Banarasi Handloom Sarees are one of the finest handlooms that have been in trend since centuries.

The Origins of Banarasi Handloom

Sarees date back to the period of Ramayana and Banarasi Silk was then introduced to India. With the steps of Mughals in India the intricate work and design on banarasi Saree came into existence. With time, the work and presentation have taken shifts and changed. Along with the royal touch the charm and elegance make the saree regal.

Skilled craftsmen dedicatedly work on the motifs to make them exclusively gorgeous. The appealing silk , the intricate zari work and the fascinating designs of Banarasi handloom rules the world of handloom. The saree speaks thousands of words through motifs and designs.

Banarasi Saree is one of the perfect handlooms for weddings and receptions. Thousands Of Brides around the world pick this elegant and gorgeous handloom and adorn them on their wedding day. This is one possession that makes a woman happy and proud.

Types of Banarasi Saree

Banarasi handloom Saree comes in different fabrics like Katan, Organzza, Georgette and Shatir.
  1. Katan is a plain fabric with woven pure silk threads that are twisted and woven into pure silk sarees.
  2. Organzza is a work of silver threads coated with gold and are then woven closely around a silk yarn to create zari brocade.
  3. Georgette is made of crepe yarn where S twisted and Z twisted yarns are interwoven with both warp and weft.
  4. Shattir is another fabric of the Banarasi saree that is used in creating exclusive and contemporary designs
Banarasi Saree comes in five types of designs in the market:
  1. Jamdani -The word comes from Persian origins translating to ‘Jam’ meaning flower and ‘Dani’ meaning vase. Jamdani means the extensive floral artwork present on Jamdani sarees.
  2. Butidar -These sarees have the ‘Buta’ or ‘Buti’ all over the surface. It is a very elegant result of the Fekua technique of weaving. The ‘butis’ are arranged straight, half drop and several other patterns.
  3. Jangla - The word refers to Jungle and the sarees are inspired from motifs of vegetation. The most ancient ones amongst the Banarasi Saree have these thick zari work. These 24 carat gold decorations have motifs of hunting scenes, animals, birds and human figures that portray the very essence of medieval hobbies.
  4. Cutwork - Cutwork banarasi sarees are extremely beautified with cutwork techniques. These Banarasi sarees are extremely stunning and versatile.
  5. Tissue - These sarees are some of the most elegant and pretty Banarasi Sarees that are woven using extremely fine threads of silk to which makes the saree look like work on tissue paper.
  6. Tanchoi - This saree is woven with a technique from China through the 19th century. The weaving technique involves a single or double warp and most often several different colors on the weft.

How to Wash and Care for Your Banarasi Handloom Saree?

Banarasi handloom sarees being so posh and royal needs extra care too. It is delicate and gorgeous, which makes the saree very snobbish to be careful with. These precious handlooms have to be gentle with their shine and luster.

  1. Banarasi Saree must be folded carefully or else this will create crease and would also crumple the saree.
  2. Banarasi Saree has to be washed only with dry cleaning. Washing sarees at home can damage the quality and work of the handloom.
  3. The banarasi sarees must be covered with cotton or muslin to keep away from dust. Do not hang the saree on a steel or plastic hanger because these will destroy these.
  4. Keep the beautiful sarees away from sunlight, moisture or even from harsh environments

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Some of Our Popular Banarasi Sarees

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