6 Useful Tips for Buying Handloom Saree

Saree has been one of most beautiful attire to grace an occasion. Women never get tired of this beautiful saree. And when it comes to buying a saree women never get tired of that too. Women love shopping for the six yard beauty and spend many hours on it. Choosing a handloom saree is a difficult job but now with a variety of options choosing a saree becomes difficult. Buying a saree is all about the feel of the fabric, the motifs and many other things. Among all the saree women flaunted on various occasions, handloom sarees are one of most gorgeous and classy ones. But to buy a handloom saree there are few things you must look for.

Useful Tips for Buying Handloom Saree
  1. The Right Selection of Saree: Do not do aimless shopping just because you like the saree. Think about the need of the saree for an occasion before buying it. Handloom sarees are a treasure hence, before buying the treasure, make sure this is the right choice for the occasion. Handloom sarees fit beautifully on every occasion but choose wisely before buying it.

  2. Study the Motifs: Look carefully at the motifs of the handloom saree. The motifs of the handloom saree are vibrant and fine. The fine work is seen in the handloom saree because of the dedication of the artisans. Hence carefully observe the motifs

  3. Quality of Saree: Handloom saree has the most beautiful quality of fabric. Before buying sarees, make sure you don't get cheated with the quality of the fabric. The fabric quality of handloom saree is extremely superior to silk or cotton. Just make sure you know the quality of the saree. There is an inferior quality of handloom in markets, just be aware and careful about it.

  4. GI-Tag: Check the Geographical indication tag before buying a handloom saree. Almost all handloom sarees have a Geographical indication to verify its quality and originality. Make sure to check it before buying or else you might end up buying a fake handloom saree and paying a heavy price for it. To avoid getting duped check the GI tag.

  5. Know the Maintenance: Handloom saree requires a lot of maintenance because of its superior quality. Know the details of the maintenance of handloom sarees before owning one. How to wash it, how to dry it, how to store it and how to press it are all of such things must taken care of . so do know your responsibility before owning the prestigious handloom saree.

  6. Know the Prices: Handlooms are expensive. Before buying a handloom make sure you know the current price of the particular handloom to avoid confusion. There will be sellers who might try to sell it at a higher price. So do your homework before buying one handloom saree.

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