Key Significance and Benefits of Wearing a Saree

Saree is a ‘woven wonder' that brings so much grace and beauty into the person wearing it. It is one of significant apparel for any woman. The saree belonging to the Indian subcontinent today has crossed gender and ages. In the contemporary world saree has become a very fashionable attire for all genders. Saree comes in four to nine meters and can be draped in various styles and ways. There are many ways to wear a saree and that can be seen today all over social media.

Key Significance and Benefits of Wearing a Saree

The Beauty of Indian Saree

Sarees are all in one beauty. It is elegant, gorgeous, simple, attractive, pretty and makes you look the same. Saree have traveled the world and time and have evolved beautifully. It can go well on a regular day, make you stand out in office meetings and make the center of attraction in a grand celebration.

The Roots

Saree has its roots from Indus valley civilization. The journey of this saree starts from 2800–1800 BC in north west India. As cotton cultivation was at its peak in India which promoted weaving and coloring started with the natural materials available around like turmeric, indigo from flowers. And saree since then I have never looked back.

The beginning of saree has always been scientific. Here are the reasons why a saree is your best friend in terms of attire.

  • Sarees are breathable- Unlike the western outfits, saree are breathable and keeps us cool in the worst summers and it also keeps us warm by trapping heat during winters. It can be worn in any season and makes it perfect for all of your festivities and celebrations or regular days.

  • It is ever a hurdle- Now-a-days you see girls struggling to do work wearing a saree. But they are wrong, saree are weaved and worn in different ways to make it easy for women to do chores or labor intensive work without any hurdle. The pleats can be tucked inside the waist and which will help us to do labor intensive work. Haven’t you seen women laborers working in their saree? Haven't you seen women riding cycles in saree? Hence saree is comfortable to do chores.

  • Doesn’t discriminate- Saree is shape and size neutral. Women of any size and shape can wear saree and slay. Saree won’t make you big or bulgy; rather it brings grace. Saree will fit anyone and make anyone look beautiful. It gives a pretty structure and never makes you insecure about your size and shape. Saree teaches us inclusiveness.

  • Versatile- Sarees are versatile and hence can be worn in various styles. In India we have seen many different ways to drape your saree. You can drape your sarees traditionally and and can also style it in a very modern way and slay. Your typing options are endless with a saree and you can wear a saree multiple times.

  • Can go for any occasion- It goes well on any occasion. Whether it's a normal day with friends, an office meeting, a family gathering, a function, a puja, a wedding or other festivities, saree is a rescue. It makes every occasion graceful.

  • Unlimited option- In saree, you got a hell lot of options. In terms of fabrics, styles, weaning, motifs, saree come in unlimited packages. With the new evolution saree also has other options. Handloom sarees, fancy sarees, bandhani sarees, organza sarees and a lot of other varieties.

  • You look gorgeous- Sarees makes you look extremely gorgeous. It can lighten up your day and makes you beautiful and confident. It can make your bad days pretty soothing and bring you glow up.

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