5 Most Popular Indo-Western Dresses for the Modern Women in India

Being Indians we love the indigenous attires that offer a great variety of choices. Indian attire has always been loved by all because of its grace, elegance and ethnicity. But the world today is being westernized, in terms of work systems, values and the way we dress. So Indo western dresses today have become the trend. Everywhere you go, the millennials and GEN Z prefer western ones over the Indian ones. But Indianness never goes out of the heart hence, the indo-western attires are perfect for casual to special events. Indo-Westerns have always stolen hearts every single decade. Indo-Western style is very charming with the blend of the western style with the Indian fashion statement pieces. This particular fashion began in the early 60s and 70s. During this time there was interchange and exchange of different fashions. The Indian style has its shade mixed into the Western fashion, the western style was also sliding into our fashion. The fashion world was blending into one beautiful amalgamation of India and the West. The mentioned outfits are one of the few indo western outfits you can wear anywhere you like.

Handloom Midi Dress

With the beautiful handloom printed on the fabric and the western fashion brings magic. The Indo western outfit has the essence of the motifs and handcrafted vibe of the Kotpad and the short dresses give a perfect choice of Indo western outfit. The boho vibe of the kotpad dress is your perfect dress for the beach. The other dress with the long flowy kotpad saree attached to the dress is such a statement that will win hearts and bring eyes. There are dresses with bell sleeves and other styles which makes the Indo western outfit a sleek definition.

Handloom Midi Dresses


The kurti is the most indo western attire that brings eyes to it. The short kurtis with subtle colors and statement sleeves make the short kurti a preferred Indo western outfit for handouts and picnics. The tassels, the stripes, and the necklines bring the best of indo western fit. The long kurtis in the collection is the prettiest of all. The unique neckline, the asymmetric cut, the pretty sleeves, everything makes the long kurti the most beautiful collection of indo western Kotpad handlooms. This handloom of Kotpad and the unique designs by the designers make the most beautiful indo western outfits which can be worn on pujas, occasions, hangouts and other days.

Black Checkered Kotpad Handloom Cotton Kurti for Women

Slit Skirt and Checkered Shirt

The indo western outfit is a slit skirt of Kotpad fabric. The slitted skirts and the pattern of check brings in the edgy western look . The classic thing also comes with kotpad Indianness which makes the attire a perfect for casual day, a regular office day or a sun-fun day. The checkered shirt brings so much to the attire. It goes well with the slit skirt and makes it perfect indo-western attire. The slit skirt can also be paired with other western outfits to elevate the look or for a change and the checkered kotpad handloom shirt can be paired with jeans, skirts, palazzo or even be worn as a blouse.

Brown Kotpad Handloom Long Skirt with Slit

The Crop Top

Crop top today is just the best friend. It is beautiful, comfortable and stylish. The indianness of the top is made through the golden thread weaved on the black kotpad fabric. The strappy sleeves give it a very chic look and polished feel. The crop top of kotpad fabric is your best pickup for an indo western look. This beautiful black and golden crop top can be your friend with a skirt, shirts, jeans and what not. This will make your perfect indo western outfit on a special day. The other crop top with a bow makes a fashion statement. The color is subtle and the design is bold which makes the top pretty for a party or picnic. The top is a beautiful Indo western outfit. thing so bold yet so casual!

Black and Golden Strappy Summer Crop Top


The Kotpad handloom blazer is the most classy. Adding the formal vibe and the western ness in it the blazer is such a classy thing. The pattern of the kotpad handloom fabric has made the blazer very pretty and also very sleek for formal meetings and regular office days. The blazer can be accessorized with a short skirt, mini skirt, jeans, straight pants, palazzo and whatnot. The blazer can also be great with a saree to make a fashion statement and elevate the entire look of the saree attire. Kotpad handloom Indo western blazer got a pretty thing to attract.

White and Sky Handloom Ikat Blazer

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