Things to Look Out for While Buying a Sambalpuri Handloom Saree

The Sambalpuri sarees are not just a piece to be worn but rather are a fabric which tells a story to the society. Belonging to the place of Maa Samaleswari, the saree has importance among the handloom sarees.

This famous sambalpuri saree uses the double ikat weaving which is famously known as Sambalpuri Ikat handloom and is widely loved. This intricate way of weaving pushes the handloom to be one of the hyped handlooms in the weaving world. Belonging to the Bhulia community, the sarees started fading out for decades because of ignorance. These sarees became popular when Late Mrs Indira Gandhi wore them in the 1980s. The prints of Sambalpuri Handloom Sarees are tie-dyed and seem to be magic woven on yarns. The Odisha handloom sambalpuri silk sarees present some extraordinary creativity in bold colours and gorgeous fabrics. The handlooms with all these characteristics and a GI tag have an immense number of customers and sellers. The market is filled with these handlooms and the queues of the customers are also high.

Sambalpuri Handloom Saree

Nowadays in the internet world, these beauties are available today on both online and offline stores. But one has to be careful while shopping as these hyped Sambalpuri sarees are often duplicated. So let us know what are the parameters to be careful about sambalpuri saree shopping.

  • The Fabric - Sambalpuri Sarees have a pure fabric. Either silk or cotton handlooms don't have a mixed or artificial fabric. Please check the fabric before paying for the Sambalpuri Sarees. There is also a numbering of fabric from high to low (starting from 40 to 120).120 number fabric has the highest quality.

  • The Weaving Pattern - As it is mentioned above, Sambalpuri handloom sarees are weaved with the Ikat technique (both warp and weft). Look for the pattern of weaving before owning a Sambalpuri. Be aware of the work on Sambalpuri saree.

  • The Dyes - Sambalpuri handloom dye is very exclusive and different. The process of dying is very grand and the colours used are attractive and eco-friendly. Sambalpuri handloom sarees' dye has a high quality of dye. The chances of the dye getting faded are very low if taken care of properly.

  • Motifs - Original handloom of Sambalpuri sarees has the traditional motifs weaved on it. Motifs such as Shankha (Shell), Phula (Flower), Chakra (Wheel), Swan, Elephant etc…Which signify the Lord Jagannath of Puri have to be there on Sambalpuri handloom sarees. To avoid buying duplicated handlooms, have an eye on these.

  • The GI Tag - Sambalpuri Ikat saree has had a Geographical Integration Tag since 2010. The products which have a GI tag indicate the specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. Hence the GI tag indicates the originality of the handloom check it before you have one.

This is it. That's all you need to keep in mind before buying Sambalpuri handloom of Odisha. These five points will help you to buy an Original Sambalpuri handloom saree.

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