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Madhukari Pattachitra Jewellery


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      Hand-Painted Pattachitra Jewellery

      "Madhukari" is a dream journey, started two years back out of the passion of a Ms. Raka Sengupta. In complete contrast to her corporate career of over two decades with a very renowned global services company, she wished to create art jewellery, where raw richness of Indian craft forms and urban design essence can exist in cohesion. It is not a mass market produce - we are working in collaboration with artisans for Odisha Pattachitra, Bengal Dokra, Bengal Patachitra, etc, to create our limited collections. We want each creation of Madhukari to be an expression of human creativity and local skill, together with age-old mythological narratives and story telling.

      Pattachitra has been an age-old art which has been the crown of Odisha and its arts. The art has an auspicious mark in the hearts of Odia. To make this art a part of our jewelry is an extremely beautiful ideation. Pattachitra jewelry has become statement pieces and is an asset of today’s fashion. The hand painted necklaces are painted with a theme narrating beautiful stories. These Pattachitra necklaces have beautiful and unique beads attached to it which steals the show. To make hand painted necklaces out of an age-old famous craft is a mix of both tradition and trend. These hand painted patachitra necklaces are colorful, charming, bold and lovely. These gorgeous paintings are the pendant which are paired with beautiful beads of seasell, rudraksha, jhumkas and ghungroos. This combination the hand painted jewelleries are very lovely to see and gorgeous to wear. Pattachitra necklaces that can be paired with any attire and will give you an aesthetic and bold look. From Pattachitra paintings for hanging to pattachitra handloom sarees to pattachitra hand painted jewelleries, the craft is evolving with time and trends. These jewelleries are worth a try and surely a part of your parties or hangouts.