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      Contemporary Handloom Saree

      Contemporary Handloom Saree is a special initiative by IndianVillèz. Our mission behind this is bringing out a new, edgy and contemporary version of the traditional handloom sarees of Odisha. We are bringing better quality fabrics along with contemporary textures, motifs and concept. Each of our product is best suited for all the new age women connected deeply with her roots.

      IndianVillèz have taken up the force into their hands and have Initiated to upgrade and revive the Odisha Handloom. The contemporary silk saree collections of Odisha handloom include Single Ikat from Nuapatna, Double Ikat Sambalpuri, Bomkai, Berhempuri, Kotpad Saree  etc. These beautiful handlooms of Odisha would have turned these traditional craft work into contemporary beauties. But we have not forgotten the essence of Odisha tradition, these sarees have the original tints of these traditional handlooms. These royal handlooms have our IndianVillèz unique designs and some of them are curated by the talented and skilled weavers across Odisha. All these are crafted under the guidance of IndianVillèz. These Contemporary silk sarees have the modernity of the world and traditions of the history making it extremely beautiful.