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Sarees are the elegance of Indian tradition and a symbol of beauty. It is the most gorgeous piece of fabric to flaunt on any occasion. India being the origin of sarees, has numerous varieties of sarees all over the country and from different states. With India being majorly a tropical country, cotton handloom sarees are here for a rescue. With a breathable fabric and pretty designs. They are not only ideal for daily attire but also create eye-catching attire for special occasions, it is the most lovely attire to be worn. Handloom sarees have a great demand throughout the country irrespective of the season. IndianVillez is a hub of Odisha handloom sarees that brings comfort and aesthetics together.

IndianVillez - Cotton Handloom Saree

The Cotton handloom and India

The cotton industry is one of the major investments of the British in India. The foundations of the modern cotton textile industry. The industry began to flourish in Western India under the initiative of the Indian capitalists while the jute industry was established in Bengal and pioneered, financed, and managed by the foreigners. Currently, India is the largest cotton producer in the world. The yarn and fabrics export accounts for about 23% of India’s total textiles and apparel export. During 2019-20, the export of cotton yarn, cotton fabrics, cotton made-ups and handlooms reach around US$ US$ 10.01 billion. The total cotton made-ups, handloom products and other exports accounted for US$ 5.97 billion from April 2021 to August 2021 and for August 2021 it was US$ 1.29 billion.

India is so diverse that every state India weaves a specific and unique handloom that has its history and culture. These specific cotton handlooms of different states give livelihood to many weavers. Organizations like IndianVillez connect the bridge between the urban markets and the rural weavers. IndianVillez has a variety of Cotton handloom Sarees like Sambalpuri, Berhampuri, Dolabedi, Dongria, Kotpad, Khandua, Bomkai, Pasapalli, Nabakothi, Hazarboti, Habaspuri, Maheswari, Ikat and many others. It also takes orders of customized and contemporary sarees which puts tradition and culture in current or contemporary trends. There are special handloom sarees for specific and grandeur festivals and occasions too. IndianVillez also works closely with artisans and looks around the trends. After taking care of both traditional and contemporary styles the organization crafts new designs for the millennials. These pure cotton handloom sarees are very soothing and comfortable on the skin, making them ideal for daily use and can also be part of office wear or party wear. This variety of utility of cotton handloom Sarees makes it a more special and alluring attire.

IndianVillez cotton cuts off all the middle traders and artisans from the market which makes it a place to prefer. This gives you a platform of original products at a genuine price with less hassle. The bridge that IndianVillez provides makes a safe place to buy pure and original cotton handloom sarees from original weavers from the particular region. It has worked with award-winning and popular artisans who have created masterpieces handloom sarees.

IndianVillez is your one-stop destination for a variety of cotton handloom sarees to wear and flaunt at offices and parties. Besides coon handloom sarees, Indian villez also provides original and beautiful silk sarees. IndianVillez has its store at Janpath Bhubaneswar (Odisha). But it has reached many regions and destinations with its online store


If you want to rock the floor at the parties, be the centre of attraction in the festivals and be the best dressed in the office, then scroll through the internet or walk into the shop and get your hands on the charming and attractive cotton handloom sarees.

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