The Untying


Life is hard. It is no surprise that every person has been through a lot. Everyone has their own special story. Story of struggle, hardship and hustle.

This glorious woman who is untying the ‘Bandha’ is of 86 years old, who has seen quite a lot of ups and downs in her life. She is the proud mother of two sons and five daughters. After her husband died in the early stage of life, she was left with the responsibility of managing the whole house and filling tummies of her children. She not only managed to earn bread for her home but raised her sons to be the most talented artisans.

Even though she was stuck in between loans, financial crisis and other problems she never stepped back. She kept working on her looms. After keep taking loans from the Mahajan (village lender), she conquered several crisis while managing her household and the loom.

Marriage of her own sisters, raising total seven children, marriage of her daughters, she did everything on her own. Even after when her house and looms burned down in 1999 super cyclone, she took loans again from the Mahajan. Her capable sons and herself made it possible to get everything back and retrieve the loss. After that, they all kept working hard, from one loom to three looms, then three to nine looms, she kept growing along with the looms.

Her sons now manage 15 looms, she did everything on her own while raising her seven children.

Even at this old age, she helps her son in the looms, she wakes up at 4 am daily just like she used to. She helps anywhere she possibly can and works hard even now. It is rare to find such hard working, strong and brave soul.

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