Best Ways To Style up Your Look in This Sabitri Brata

Whether it's for god or beloved husbands, a dedicated Indian wife fasts many times a year. You can say it's patriarchy but scientists suggest fasting also has health benefits. Besides being healthy, these festivals also put an opportunity upfront to buy new attires and get ready and then would ladies not love it. Let's talk about one of the famous fasts that wives keep for their husbands. Savitri Brata is the celebrated fast and pooja in Odisha which is observed by married women for the well-being and longer life expectancy of their husbands. On this day women observe fast and worship the Banyan Tree and Sabitri (the lady who snatched her husband's life from the god of death (YAMA)). This story of Satyavan and Sabitri is from the Mahabharata.

Savitri fell in love and married Satyban who only had one year of life. She left her kingdom and went on to live in a forest with her husband and in-laws who had lost their kingdom. A year after Satyaban died while cutting wood from a Banyan tree. When the lord of death Yama came to take his soul, She tricked Yama into giving the life of her husband back along with their lost kingdom and glory. Yama was shocked and impressed with the dedication and love Savitri had and they both got reunited and took vows around the Banyan tree. The tree marked their love and eternity of togetherness.

Raja Sabitri Sale

To celebrate dedication, love and persistence, Sabitri brata is famous amongst the wives. Besides fasting, this fast also gives a day for the ladies to wear gorgeous new sarees, dress up like a new bride and be the charmer of the day. Here are a few lists of budget friendly and royal classic saree colletion you can buy, wear and how off this Sabitri Brata.

Sambalpuri- With a variety of motifs and patterns, Sambalpuri sarees would be a lovely choice to be beautiful in this Savitri. The Sambalpuri cotton sarees would be your best friend with the fabric and the affordability. This Savitri flaunts the budget friendly Sambalpuri handloom that is closest to our hearts and pretty to our eyes.

Sambalpuri Silk Saree
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Wearing an indigenous handloom in the indigenous festival is special. This Sabitri goes for a beautiful collection of pasapalli sarees and chooses your favourite ones. The checkered motifs of Pasa (the gambling game ) would add charm to your festival of fasting. With the variety of colours, this would be a very gorgeous and royal option to try on this Savitri.

Pasapalli Silk Saree

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Khandua- The obsession with Patta saree comes from the handloom of Khandua. Khandua handloom sarees which have a direct reference to Lord Jagannath would be auspicious to wear on Savitri. The temple borders and the gorgeous fabric is widely loved by the world. This saree which is worn by many celebrities can make you the centre of attraction at this Savitri.

Nuapatna Khandua Saree

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Bomkai- Bomkai or Sonepuri handloom sarees come in a variety of fabrics and motifs which gives you a lot of options. This handloom saree is world-famous and loved for its interwoven embroidery. You can buy the Bomkai Tussar silk, Bomkai Zari, Bomkai Cotton and Bomaki Zari any of your choices to be the prettiest one this Savitri.

Bomkai Tussar silk Saree
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Nabakothi- If you want to be the one with the most unique handloom saree, go for nabakothi handloom saree. This saree has nine boxes with nine different motifs drawing everybody's attention to it.The motifs are kaincha (tortoise), mayurpankh ( peacock feather), chakra (inspired by the Konark wheel), sakatpar, phula (flower), shankha (conch shell), padma (lotus), parrot, elephant, singha (lion), peacock, gada (mace), kalash , fish, prajapati (butterfly). You can flaunt these motifs of nabakothi sarees in this savitri and be the different one amongst all.

Nabakothi Khandua Saree
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You can also wear sarees like Kotpad handloom sarees, Dongria sarees, Berhumpuri sarees, Dolabedi sarees, Habaspuri handloom sarees, Hazarbooti sarees etc for this Savitri. Wishing you a happy Savitri Brat and long life and happy married life.

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