Types of Odisha Handloom Saree That You Should Wear in this Raja Festival

Odisha is one of the few states that has celebrated womanhood since centuries. With pomp and show, the festival Raja acknowledges the purity and piousness of womanhood and embraces it with acceptance and pride.

Raja is one of the most important festivals in Odisha and the celebration takes place for 3 days. The word “Raja” comes from the word “Rajaswala” which refers to menstruating women. On these days new dresses and attires are worn, cards are played and delicious food is made and enjoyed by the whole family. This three-day-long merry making festival celebrating womanhood falls on Mithuna Sankranti. The three days of the festival is when mother earth is menstruating. The first day is called Pahili Raja, the second is Mithuna Sankranti, the third day is Basi Raja. The last or fourth day is when the mother earth takes a ceremonial bath called Vasumati Snan (grinding stone is taken as a symbol of Mother Earth and with turmeric paste and adoration on flower sindoor it is given the bath).

Vasumati goddess or Mother Earth got her menstruation during the early month of Ashada (rainy season). It is believed that mother Earth menstruates during these three days and a ceremonial bath takes place on the fourth day. Girls wearing new clothes, taking swings, and hanging on the tree branches are a part of the celebration. Throughout Raja ploughing the fields does not take place and unmarried girls celebrate as it's their day of celebration.

This celebration of womanhood brings the excitement of delicious food and new dresses. Here I present to you a few handloom saree collection girls and ladies can flaunt during the three day celebration.

  1. Mayur Chandrika of Sambalpuri Cotton - One of most beautiful and budget friendly saree that IndianVillez offers sambalpuri cotton in the mayur chandrika motifs which is available in multi-colors. This saree has a very gorgeous pattern and has a bold color combination which makes it a must for Raja attire.
  2. Parijat motifs of Sambalpuri Cotton- With vibrant colors and unique traditional motifs this saree has to be your saree this Raja. This sambalpuri cotton saree is available in multicolours which would make you look charming.
    Parijat Sambalpuri Saree
  3. Jharana Sambalpuri Saree- Subtle colors are widely loved by many. This sambalpuri saree comes with details, makes the sambalpuri handloom and charming colors is a must for you this Raja.

  4. Computer Design Sambalpuri Ikat- IndianVillez works on a bridge maintaining the tradition and trends. This sambalpuri ikat cotton saree with the computer designed motifs makes the saree distinctive for all of us. This saree has a lot of detailed works making it more adorable.

    Computer Design Sambalpuri Saree
  5. Nabakothi Khandua Silk- If you want to flaunt the tradition of this Raja, Nabakothi Silk is a must. All the colors available with IndianVillez are very charming to wear in this Raja. To look classy in a budget friendly saree, this is your perfect choice.

  6. Love Birds Contemporary Sambalpuri Silk Saree- With very exclusive and bold colors, this saree is perfect for Raja. There is this combination of bright and appealing colors making it perfect for anyone to flaunt.And there are tiny details of love birds motifs on this Sambalpuri silk saree making it more charming for Raja.
  7. Ganga Jamuna Pasapalli of Khandua Silk- This piece of Khandua Silk saree is extremely beautiful with a lot of colors. This is a white nabarangi with a lot of colorful motifs and detailing. This piece is a must for Raja to flaunt with nine bright colors and with ganga jamuna pasapalli borders.
  8. Nabarangi with Butterfly Aanchal- This blue contemporary saree with nine colors and unique butterflies is so beautiful for Raja attire. This piece of Ikat Silk is a beautiful saree that has butterflies all over the aanchal. Colors of the saree are bright and bold to bring everyone's eyes on the saree.
  9. Kotpad Cotton Saree - Kotpad handloom is extremely unique to wear this Raja. The saree is bright, solid and cotton fabric. The birders have temple motifs making it attractive for occasions. The little detailed kotpad motifs are really beautiful.
  10. Orange Pink Pasapalli - How beautiful is this saree ? The colors are charming and the details are pretty. This Raja, wears this saree which talks about illusion through motifs and has a pallu full of boots work. Wear this Pasapalli of beautiful colors to make your Raja special.

Look at the list of saree and choose your favorite Odisha Handloom and flaunt the culture and heritage. This curated list of sarees will surely make you feel and look beautiful.

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