6 Reasons on Why You Should Be Buying Handloom Sarees Quite Often

Nothing in the world can beat the elegance and beauty of Saree. It is a go wear and a style statement both. A saree can light up an occasion. Be it a wedding, ceremony or formal office meeting, Saree would always be a favourite fabric to drape. This drape makes you feel like a superwoman. No a gorgeous superwoman. There are hundreds of types of sarees to wear and shake a leg at your parties or attend meetings at offices. Handloom sarees are most loved by Indians. It may be Odisha handloom sarees like Sambalpuri or Tamilnadu’s Kanjivaram or Andhra’s Venkatagiri, they are always loved. Wearing a handloom saree is always a plus point for ladies. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for handloom sarees over the rest.

6 Reasons on Why You Should Be Buying Handloom Sarees Quite Often
  1. Wide Range of Choices- When you go for handloom sarees, you can always have tons of choices popping up in front of you. Sambalpuri, Maheswari, Banarasi, Bomaki, Kotpad, Venkatgiri, Dolabedi, Kanjivaram, Bandhani, Khandua, Kantha and numerous others go shopping for handloom saree. With the variety, these sarees are the best choice for the bride at weddings. The pure silk and cotton sarees give you a very gorgeous structured look.

  2. Eco Friendly- The handloom saree weavers don’t use chemical dyes to print or to do the motifs as the industrial or machine looms. The artisans only use natural dyes derived from turmeric, flowers and leaves or other natural colors from flowers on their fabrics and prints. Natural dyes don’t pollute the natural water bodies and contribute a lot to the environment. Prefer the handloom saree over others in these environmental crises decade or century.

  3. They are made with extra love- You know the value of a handmade product. These handloom sarees are made from hand and tons of extra love and effort are added to them. The touch and care of the hands of humans make the saree more special. With the fingers weaving through the fabric, the sarees turn out to be very lovely. Handloom sarees hold emotion and dedication.

  4. Long-Lasting- You might prefer Industrial looms over handlooms but handloom saree will stay with you for decades. You must have seen your mother's or grandmother's wedding sarees which are still gorgeous and perfect. If taken care of, the handloom sarees will last for many years. Though it's handmade, it requires extra care from your hands too.

  5. Supporting the Weavers- When you buy a handloom saree, you contribute to the livelihood of these artisans. These artisans work for hours to give you one handloom saree. They also customize saree according to your choices. You buy this handloom saree and provide a plate of food to the hardworking and dedicated weavers.

  6. Preserving the culture and crafts- With industrial looms in demand, handloom saree disappears with time. When you buy a handloom saree, it increases the demand and promotes the age-old crafts to survive. Some handloom crafts have already disappeared and others are pulled up and provided with a market. The culture in traditional crafts needs to stay and continue for the generation to come.

Here is the sign for you to go and grab a handloom saree from various online stores or physical stores and promote sustainability, provide a livelihood to artisans, preserve culture and get a long-lasting saree to flaunt.

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