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We started our journey in the chaos of pandemic last year with an aim to support the weavers, their livelihood and to revive the sector by bringing in exclusive and intricate designs into play in Odisha Handlooms and Handicrafts. We met many National Awardees, State Awardees, Young weavers, Semi-Skilled weavers and made them understand our concepts and ideas to develop new motifs and patters, redesign the award winning pieces and play with contemporary motifs and colour combinations in Odisha Handlooms.

As we launched our social impact brand online last year in August, we never expected that we’ll get such astounding response from people not only in India but from people living outside India as well. We were so happy to see many Non Odia Customers inquiring about different Odisha Handlooms, taking keen interest in the quality, variety of the fabrics involved, asking about the relevance and inspiration of different motifs. We are grateful to many of the handloom lovers who have over the period of time visited us, talked to us, appreciated and provided many valuable ideas and inputs which we have treasured with us.

We remember our first ever PAN India Customer from Delhi, Mrs Jasbir Kaur from New Delhi. She is a very big fan of Odisha Handloom Sarees. We were in Nuapatna with our Master weaver when we saw her text on Instagram enquiring about a Khandua Silk Saree. Like many others she was reluctant to buy from a new online brand, but when we told them about us, our team and much more. Once she received the saree after 7 days, she was mesmerised with the beauty of the craft. Ever since she has been a member of our #Indianvilleztribe and a proud owner of many beautiful Silk and cotton Handloom sarees. Ever since our inception many other customers like Archana ji from Mumbai, Mrs Ankita Gupta, Vithika ji from Faridabad, Ipseeta ji from Banglore, Swarnalata Bhandari Ma’am from Banglore, Shweta Alpana Ji and many other has become a permanent member of our tribe.

It’s was a windy day of December, and 4 months of regular operations, working with more than 100 artisans directly day in and day out, serving more than 75 exclusive customers, our International footprint was yet to be marked. We got an enquiry from Mrs Iyer of USA for one of Award winning sarees on our website. We gave her time and explained in detail about the saree, the motifs, theme, how the saree was weaved, how many days it took and each and every detail. She was quite impressed with the way we explained her about the craft. Her exact words were “You guys know your stuff and are so patient. You have an extra ordinary collection of Odisha Ikat Sarees. I have been purchasing for past 25 years and no has been so patient in explaining me things in such a detail, from now on, I am your regular customer from now on”. We were so delighted. I guess she was a lucky charm for us. After she placed an order, we got in touch with many other customers like Sushmitha from Singapore, Marylin from Australia, Madhurima from Singapore, Shruti Mohanty from US, Pragyan Ma’aam from England and many more who are proud members of Indianvilleztribe and wear their Odisha Handloom with much grace and honour.

Baghambari Khandua Handloom Silk Saree

With a great demand from our online customers to help them come and feel the products, we launched our first ever retail outlet for exclusive handloom sarees and fabrics in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The store is located in Utsav, Janpath, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The response from the store was unimaginable. In the first day of our launch we gained 12 new customers and the rest is just followed. We have served more than 100 customers till date from retail outlet alone in our premium segment and they just keep coming back whenever a new product is released. We are grateful to all the Indianvillez family for the uncanny love that they have showered throughout and helped our artisans grow in terms of livelihood, skills and much more.

As Santanu, 13 yr old son of one of our State Awardees said, “ Papa, with Sandeep sir’s ((our founder) help, blessing and support, one day I’ll win the National Award and make our entire village proud”

We are blessed to have such a loving family of artisans and more than that such a wonderful family of customers with us.

Some of Our customer testimonials –

Best place to buy Odisha Handloom. The customer service is great and they respond quickly.”

-Mrs Sudha Iyer

Couldn’t be more thankful for sending me the sarees to Singapore in such a short time.

-Mrs Sheila Mehera

“The intricate work of my Sambalpuri Ikat saree grabbed everyone’s attention. Thank You Indianvillez”

-Mrs. Poonam Aggarwal

The unique collection and Top-notch quality amazed me and everyone in my family. Gifted my Mom one of the best Sambalpuri Ikat Sarees ever.”

-Ms Ankita Sahu

Softest Khandua I have ever seen in my life. The Khandua sarees are affordable and the softest.

-Mrs Sabita Mishra

I purchased one Pattachitra Saree and 2 Dupattas. The art work was so super fine. I have Pattachitra from many brands but the quality of fabric and art work was incomparable.

-Mrs Shravya, Hyderabed

I have visited both the Bhubaneswar store. I am a frequent follower of their website and Instagram. I would rate these guys 10/10 for the customer service first of all. The collection is undoubtedly one of the best for Odisha Handlooms. I have purchased Multiple Sambalpuri and Khandua sarees from them and they have always turned many heads in any parties I drape them to. Kudos to the team

-Mrs Ramya Narayan

“Pattachitra Kurti!!!!!!! OMG. I wore Pattachitra Kurti for my 1st ever Sabitri and went agag over the dress totally. The art, the stitching, everything was so perfect. The entire collection is awesome. Indianvillez is my all-time favorite handloom brand.

-Mrs Sonali Das

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