Why Handloom Sarees Are Expensive But Worth It!

A lot of people don’t understand the relevance of Handloom, and they always ask the same question. Why is Handloom  Expensive? Handloom Sarees, Fabrics and Textile are not less than any piece of art. These exquisite pieces take months of hard work and passion for making. The talented artisans put their sweat and blood all into these Handmade pieces. In a world where everything is fast forward, Handloom proves good things happen to those who wait.


Powerloom or fabrics made from machines take around 2-3 hours to be made. A silk saree takes only two hours to be manufactured by a power loom machine. On the other hand, an artisan of Odisha takes around 20 days to 2 years to weave a complete saree, depending on the type of texture and design. Handloom fabrics take time to weave because of the required intricacy and precision. One wrong tie can ruin the whole design, eventually leading to wrecking a whole saree or fabric.


Artisans weave these pure handloom sarees and fabrics  on a very small scale in small villages and towns where the art is considered indigenous. These incredibly talented people spend their lifetime making extraordinary pieces. As tradition continues, they pass down their craft and art generations, and all of them follow the traditions and its way of production. Next time you are holding a handloom saree, remember you are holding generations of culture, art and talent in your hand.

Naturally sourced Raw Materials

Almost every artisan likes to use naturally sourced raw materials and natural dyes over cheap and chemical-filled raw materials. The chemically treated raw materials can harm in numerous ways. These cheap materials harm the climate and environment, plus they affect the skin too. It is impossible to wear these cheap materials in hot weather. The benefit of wearing pure Handloom is, the sarees are easy to carry, and even non-saree wearer can spend the whole day wearing a handwoven saree.


The textile industry turns out to be the second-largest producer of pollution of every kind. Fast Fashion has resulted in poisoned rivers and streams, tons of solid waste and endless emission effects. On the other hand, a handwoven piece lasts for 20-50 years if taken care of properly, and the sustainable raw materials are not harmful to anyone at all. Handloom reduces the risk of damaging the environment in every way. It is the most sustainable and reliable art of all.

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