Why Fast Fashion is Dangerous?

Fast Fashion is producing cheap trendy clothes on a large scale. Many many brans use materials that are cheap and choose to produce them in such countries where labour is cheap too. Thanks to the new era of Internet, fashion trends keeps changing. Everyone wants to keep up with the everchanging trends, but not all of them could afford these trendy designer pieces. As a solution, fast fashion is growing rapidly by making trendy clothes out of cheap fabrics. This results in production of countless counterfeit clothes.The whole process might seem beneficial for both sellers and buyersn, however the negative impact of fast fashion is overwhelming.

Negative Impact on the Environment: 

Fast Fashion : Pollution

According to studies, fast fashion causes 10 percent of all the carbon emissions, and it is the second largest industry polluting the environment after the oil industry. These fast fashion brands bring out billions of trendy clothing items each year. Because of the cheap pricing, people buy a bunch of these items and wear it for a few times. The chemicals used in the production of these clothes end up being extracted in the landfills and pollutes the environment.  

Fast Fashion: Poor Workers

Fast Fashion impacts the daily wage workers the most. These brands hire overseas workers to minimize their spend on wages which results in exploitation of these workers. Mostly underaged woemn fall into these traps and work for really long hours for minimum wage under very unsafe and bad working conditions. They dont have any other choice either, as they need to support themselves and their families financially. The working condition is quite dangerous for them with zero benefits and protection. 

Fast Fashion: Water Waste

Among all the environmental issues that are related to fast fashion, the exhaustion of non-renewable sources still stays at the top. Such as waste of water, discharge of a large amount of greenhouse gases and an immense amount of energy. This fashion industry consumes around two thousand gallons of water to make one pair of jeans. Researchers say Textile Dyeing causes a large amount of pollution in water as the waste from the dyeing process goes straight into the rivers or other water streams. 

Fast Fashion might put out fashionable and cheap alternatives of high fashion clothing items, but it comes with a heavy price. The growing industry is one of the main causes for pollution. From hard working workers who work on minimum wage to people who are buying these cheap clothes, it affects everyone in one way or another. So, next time you think of buying fast fashion, think about the dangerous impacts of fast fashion too.


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