Odisha Handloom That Have International Fame

Odisha handlooms are famous because of the exquisite fabric, amazing in their range and are durable and economical. Tussar Silk of Odisha has got its finest quality of yarn and is by its brilliance, glaze and texture. These high-quality handlooms have taken the fame to the international level.

Among the numerous Odisha handlooms, Eight of them have achieved international fame. Here they are:
  1. Sambalpuri saree: This is one of the most wonderful Odisha handlooms that are loved internationally. These handlooms are produced majorly in Sonepur, Bargarh, Sambalpur, Boudh and Balangir Districts of Odisha. The threads of every Sambalpuri fabric are handwoven. These Odisha handlooms got popularized after late prime minister Mrs Indira Gandhi wore them.

  2. Khandua Patta: With the touch of Lord Jagannath Dham, this Odisha handloom is the most auspicious one and also got a GI tag. The handloom has a long history since the 12th century and has the hands of the poet Jaydev on it. Khandua is offered to Lord Jagannath and is a piece of very comfortable, lightweight and pure fabric. There are different types of Khandua too and traditionally come in red and orange colors. This color comes naturally from sal trees and is woven in Maniabandha & Nuapatana, Cuttack districts.

  3. Bomkai Silk: Bomkai which is alternatively known as Sonepuri is an extraordinary Odisha handloom. These Odisha handlooms are the woven inspiration of nature and tribal art. Odisha handloom is a fascinating thread work done by the artisans of Sonepur. This also got a GI tag and is quite popular among fashionable people around the world.

  4. Kotapad Sarees: The Odisha handloom is the vegetable-dyed fabric weaved by the Mirgan community. These handlooms are extremely original with the ingredients like organic colors and natural fabric. These organic choices of colors make the handloom come in limited colors. The name of this saree comes from the village it is woven in i.e. Kotpad of Koraput district. It is the first handloom of Odisha to get a Geographical Indication and recognition countrywide. This Odisha handloom has gone places since then.

  5. Dongria: These Odisha handlooms are woven by the Dongria Kondhtribe and inspired by the tribal art form of Odisha. The tribes weave pure soft cotton fabric using natural products Odisha handloom like this is eco friendly and sustainable which makes them exclusive. They are rare and unique. These handlooms have gotten international recognition not just for the unique tribal art form but also because of the trending motifs stepping along for the modern times.

  6. Pasapalli: Odisha handloom with a theme is widely loved. This handloom saree has the theme of chess or a similar gambling game which is even with both the technique of warp and weft. The symmetrical handloom of chess play is loved a lot by the international audience. This handloom sarees are woven in the Odisha district of Bargarh and have other detailed motifs too. Odisha people adore the pasapalli handloom and are often seen wearing this handloom.

  7. Berhampuri Patta: This Odisha handloom is a priceless possession in many households. With a GI tag, this saree belongs to the silk city of Odisha. This handloom has the famous motifs of Phoda Kumbha and also comes with matching attire for men. The temple-shaped designs along the border and pallu portion are a very famous and grand work on the saree. This auspicious Odisha handloom is also offered and is a drape for Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra in Puri Jagannath temple.

  8. Habaspuri: This handloom weaved by the tribals of Chicheguda, Kalahandi district. The tribals are attributed to the weaving of this exquisite piece which started from the 19th century. Habaspuri has now become a GI tagged odisha handloom. This Odisha handloom comes in cotton fabric and requires a lot of time to weave one piece of handloom. With the fast fashion trend the tribes are making an effort to save and restore this art.

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