Pattachitra Hand-Painted Jewellery- Why Should It Be in Your Collection?

Jewelleries add charms to the outfit or the attire you wear. It is that pretty piece that makes your whole outfit a lot better or even a statement. Jewelry choices also are one thing that makes a lot about your personality. Among different types of jewelry, Pattachitra hand-painted jewellery ones have a different type of charm in them. Plus it got the love of the artisans making it which has a personal human connection to it. Crafted with hands, these are must haves in your collections of jewelleries. If you feel handmade jewelry is not worth your buying, this writeup will tell you why you must own hand-painted jewelleries.

Pattachitra Hand-Painted Jewellery
  1. Your Money As Profit Goes to The Ones Who Are Making It- Unlike the big corporations where the artisans give minimum money to the craftsman, buying handcrafted jewelry will support the real people. Your money isn’t going to big men with lots of money rather to the one who needs it and deserves it.

  2. Efforts These Jewelleries Take- When you are buying handmade jewelleries, you are returning the investment the artisans have put in. A single piece of handmade jewelry takes a lot of time to get the finishing. All the processes involved in it are time consuming. Then why not invest your money on something which takes a lot of effort and time?

  3. The Speciality- A artisans gives in the love and dedication to it. Hence the handmade jewelry has got a special relationship with the artisans or craftsmen making it. They put so much into one single piece of handmade jewelry, that it becomes one of their personal experiences. Hence put your money in something of a personal experience of an artisans instead of something which does not have meaning.

  4. Exclusivity- Machine made jewelleries come in huge quantities and are not an exclusive piece. But handmade jewellery is exclusive in nature. The artisans can't go on making similar pieces all the time. Hence one piece of hand-painted jewelry will never be exactly the same with the other. These differences and uniqueness gives another reason to buy handmade jewelry.

  5. Stories Behind a Single Piece- With the dedication and time involved in the handmade pieces, these have a different story within them. One hand-painted jewelry has a different story of the process and the unique experience of how they made it. Investment in any such jewelleries will make you feel the human connection and affection put into it.

  6. Made Without Machines- Handmade Jewelries are craved, made, crafted, tied and painted with hands without any involvement of huge machines. Machine made jewelry might have the chance to get flaws but handmade exclusive jewelry is less likely to have flaws. Pattachitra Jewelries ones might be a perfect piece of complaint to your dress. Why have jewelry with flaws when you can have something so exclusive and pretty?

  7. Local Influence- When you buy an exclusive piece of hand-painted jewelry, it will have some local influence. Because handmade jewelry is usually made by the local artisans which brings in some local influence. All the material, colors or other things have got the influence of local influence of people, weather and other cultures. Hence when you buy hand-painted pattachitra jewelry, it brings in all the efforts and local culture into it. You can totally go places when you buy handmade jewelry.

  8. Material Used- These pattachitra hand-painted jewelries use materials that are very different from the ones machine made jewelleries are made from.The materials used in the handmade jewelries are mostly organic. Natural colors from trees and flowers, natural materials like seashells, jute, wood, etc and many natural things have been used in the handmade the mass machine produced jewelry you can’t know the exact materials used but here you can know the details. These materials are loved and are sustainable ones.

  9. Sustainability- As mentioned, the materials used in the jewelleries are sustainable which makes the handmade jewelry sustainable. You can always contribute to the environment when you are buying hand-painted jewelry. What is more than special is that you are buying something which will compliment your attire along with the environment.

  10. Noble- You know, the efforts and time it takes to make the handmade jewelry. you are investing in jewelry which has the efforts of people who are needy. You are supporting the economy by investing your money on something handmade made by the artisans.

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