President Draupadi Murmu Wears Odisha Handloom Saree at the Swearing-in Ceremony

India has made one of the finest decisions recently making Draupadi Murmu the top constitutional post. Draupadi Murmu was sworn to the highest constitutional post at the Central Hall of Parliament in New Delhi. She is now the first tribal and the second woman President of India. Draupadi Ji is also the first president who was born in independent India in 1958 in the Baidaposi area of Rairangpur, Odisha. She was born to a tribal farmer family who has worked hard to make her way to this position.

Draupadi Murmu in Odisha Handloom at the Swearing in Ceremony

During the swearing-in ceremony at the Central Hall of Parliament in New Delhi on Monday, Murmu wore a beautiful handloom saree belonging to her state of Odisha. The youngest president of India made her fashion statement with the handloom saree from her tribal community Santhal. The handloom saree is made out of the hand and emotions of the Santhali community. The saree Madam president wore during the Oath taking ceremony was a gift from her sister in law. She took the prestigious chance to showcase the handloom of her state and glorify the work of the handloom artisans. The “Santhali” saree she wore also has similarities to other Odisha handloom sarees like Bomkai handloom sarees and the famous Ikat work.

The Saree of the Swearing Ceremony

Madam President's saree during the swearing ceremony had the exclusive motifs of a green connecting triangle spike on one side of the border and a red coloured stripe on the other side. All the colorful borders were complemented by the subtle white saree. The Odisha handloom saree has significance to the Tricolor.

The Glory of Odisha Handloom

Odisha handloom is a beautiful mixture of history and culture. The beautiful threads of Odisha handloom are weaved together into many varieties. The variety in Odisha handloom differs in fabrics, patterns and designs. Handlooms do have an auspicious touch of the Lord Jagannath culture. These handlooms with the color and motifs speak about the culture, the natural beauty of the state, temples and geometric patterns. The variety of Odisha handlooms is Bomkai, Sambalpuri, Khandua, Kotpad, Dolabedi, Pasapalli and many famous handlooms. One of the unique features of Odisha handloom is that it has grown and caught up in an ongoing fashion. Many famous personalities have worn Odisha handloom sarees and showcased the beauty of Odisha. Draupadi Murmu has made Odisha handloom more popular by wearing it on a prestigious occasion.

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