Varieties of Sambalpuri Handloom Sarees That You Can Flaunt in Festive Season

The six yards Odisha handloom, Sambalpuri saree has been one of the most beautiful and intricate sarees to own and flaunt. Along with the beauty, the handloom of sambalpur also has rich history, heritage, culture, artisan and their sweat and love of the artisans. These sarees belong from the land of Goddess Samalei (Sambalpur District) signifying the vigorous along tenderness. Since these sarees are handwoven and highly significant over other machine made garments. Sambalpuri sarees have intricate details and motifs and the most common patterns in a Sambalpuri saree are conches, flowers, and wheels. Small and detailed motifs distinguish a Sambalpuri saree from all other traditional fabrics or apparel. There are many varieties of Sambalpuri saree you can flaunt this festive season.

Sambalpuri Handloom Sarees

There are a variety of Sambalpuri Sarees and they are Pasapalli, Boita, Nabakothi, Bichitrapuri, Tribal theme, Utkala Laxmi and Jungle theme. All the sarees have a good demand and are loved worldwide.

  1. Pasapalli- This Sambalpuri handloom is a very famous and widely loved by people. It is often seen in functions, celebrations and also in fashion walks. The chess block patterns bring the name Pasapalli to it. PASA'' meaning an old gambling game similar to chess and “PALLI '' meaning the print on the pallu. The history of saree belongs to the era of the MAHABHARATA and RAMAYANA . The saree has been flaunting its beauty and class for 5000 years. These sambalpuri saree you can get in multiple bold colors and flaunt the way you want.

Pasapalli Samabalpuri saree
  • Nabakothi- This Sambalpuri handloom is unique just as its name. Nabakothi as the name suggests - the saree is a nine houses or boxes of art. Naba is Nine and Kothi is houses or boxes. These nine unique motifs in the Kothi or houses are placed horizontally across the body. These sambalpuri handloom sarees have nine different motifs spread across the body like kaincha (tortoise), chakra (inspired by the Konark wheel), phula (flower), shankha (conch shell)and many others. These motifs of nine auspicious symbols are placed in nine quads called kothis arranged with mathematical precision so that no two adjacent squares have very similar motifs. You can absolutely flaunt this sambalpuri handloom and totally slay it.

Nabakothi Samabalpuri Saree
  • Boita Sambalpuri- Boita bandana is one of the famous and significant festivals of Odisha. This marks the start of trade to other land, specifically international lands. This festival highlights the international trade's existence for centuries.. Sambalpuri Saree has this beautiful theme of Boita bandana weaved on saree. The theme is a group of traders are boarding on a boat to start their international trade and their wives are standing on this auspicious occasion to bid them goodbye and good wishes. Boita sambalpuri is loved by many and is available in many colors. You can absolutely slay this sambalpuri sarees on many occasions.

Boita Bandana Patachitra Saree
  • Utkal Laxmi- This sambalpuri handloom is a classic example of hand weaving in which traditional wooden looms are used to weave these exquisite and gorgeous sarees. The elaborate and intricate pattern & colors give the saree its beauty. Utkal Lakshmi as the name suggests - The laxmi of Odisha- Utkal meaning Odisha or Orissa and Laksmi means Goddess Lakshmi . The motifs of the sarees are grand and charming but these motifs might differ in size and shape. The anachal usually gets a big and elaborated big flowery motif and a continuous patterned body. The body usually has the same pattern of flower boxes which creates a very pretty illusion for eyes. You can be the Utka LAxmi and flaunt this sambalpuri Saree.

Utkal Laxmi Sambalpuri Saree
  • Tribal and Jungle Theme - Tribal theme saree are very subtle yet beautiful. The sambalpuri of tribal theme saree has got the tribal miniatures of people dancing, their houses and the patterned flowers. The lives of tribal people are totally depicted on the sarees of Sambalpuri with a tribal theme. These tribal themed saree are pretty and absolutely classy ones to flaunt. And jungle theme saree mostly have jungle and nature related motifs. With the little motifs of wild animals and the trees around makes the saree appealing. Jungle themed sambalpuri saree are so lovely to wear and flaunt.

Tribal and Jungle Theme Sambalpuri
  • Bichitrapuri Sambalpuri - Sambalpuri has been exosting for years and is loved by all. This patterned saree of bichitrapuri is a fusion of prints among the saree. There are multiple motifs which make the name of saree - “bichitra” which translates to fanciful and puri translates to a place. The name of the saree suggests that the sambalpuri saree belongs to a fanciful place. This fanciful sambalpuri saree has the mixture of traditional ikat flower motifs, the famous ikat linear lines and the big checkered pasapalli motifs. With all these wrap and weft made motifs, these saree is a beautiful sambalpuri handloom to flaunt.

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