The Exclusivity of Pasapalli Saree

Ever saw a beautiful pasapalli saree? Doesn’t your eyes get stuck and makes you think what makes this saree so eye-catching. There are thousands of types of motifs that are weaved on the handloom. When there is this pasapalli handloom on a fabric, it's different.

Pasapalli Saree

The name of the handloom along the motifs are unique and beautiful. The name is PASAPALLI, PASA which means gambling games using a chess board (remember this game in the hindu epic, Mahabharata) and PALLI which indicates the pattern on pallu. The pasapalli sarees have the specific check patterns of bold colors resembling the chess board which gives it such a beautiful name. These chessboard print sarees have been in existence since the MAHABHARATA and RAMAYANA ages even after centuries of Pasapalli , the beauty of the saree still look new, trending and polished. Hence with a beautiful name the beautiful pasapalli saree is very different from the rest of the handlooms of Odisha.

Pasapalli Pata Saree

Social Inspiration

All other handlooms usually weave the motifs inspired from the natures around us. The flowers, the wild animals, the tribal lifes, the chitta flowers, the huts, the insects, the water, every motif has the element of nature. Nature has been one of the dominant motifs of all Odisha handlooms. But pasapalli is a bit unique. In the square boxes, pasapalli pata saree brings social life into the fabric. This gambling game is a very popular game in rural regions of India. Every village has a special place for the game Pasa. Especially the senior citizens or the older people of the village have a special timing for this game. This popular game is woven on the fabrics of Pasapalli that makes it different. A social life weaved on an Odisha handloom is one of special ways to remember the age-old pasa khela tradition.

Can Be Mixed with Other Handlooms

Pasapalli saree flips into all other sarees too. Yes you read it right. Pasapalli pattern is weaved into a lot of other odisha handlooms which is again unique. Pasapalli motifs are weaved into other handlooms borders like Khandua, Sambalpuri and others. The pasapalli borders are one most attractive features of odisha handloom. In a few handlooms, there are pasapalli aanchal. These pasapalli patterns along with the richness of khandua or sambalpuri. Along with all these heavy warp and weft work of other motis, Pasapalli does amazing work. Pasapalli handloom motif has always been unique to all other handlooms of Odisha.

Favorite Folk Saree for Dances

Pasapalli Pata saree is mostly seen during the Sambalpuri folk dances. The famous sambalpuri folk song Dalkhai made pasapalli handloom popular amongst the audience. Every school and other functions have the sambalpuri folk songs with the pasapalli saree worn by the girls or ladies. Besides Dalkhai, Pasapalli saree is also worn in other Samabalpuri folk songs like Rangabati and Rasakali Bo. These pasapalli saree bring a different aura on the stage. These Pasapalli saree can also be referred to as the favorite folk sarees of Odisha.

With its uniqueness, Pasapalli sarees come in various different colors and shades. It has been one of the stars of sambalpuri collection.

Pasapalli Saree Collections

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