The Fascinating Story of Berhampuri Handloom

With thousands of artisans, over India, there are many creative handlooms produced. Every corner of India is weaving a beautiful handloom you would love to flaunt. Amongst all the corners, weaving a handloom saree, Odisha produces a majority of handloom. Despite having a smaller population Odisha still has the second largest weaver population in the country. Sambalpuri, Khandua, Dolabedi, Kotpad, Habaspuri, Dongria, Berhampuri are the few of the handlooms that won hearts in the state, in the country and all over the world. Berhampuri patta saree is one of the classy saree the world would know about.

The Fascinating Story of Berhumpuri Handloom

The Exclusive Patta of Odisha

Berhampuri Pata Saree’s beauty is so much adored and loved widely. This berhampuri saree is a part of Odisha’s auspicious occasions like wedding ceremonies or thread ceremonies or any function. Berhampuri sarees are also worn and flaunted by Odissi Dancer, On international stages berhampuri sarees represent culture and tradition and bring cheering and whistles to the handloom. There is little uniqueness in the handloom of berhampuri. Odisha handloom behumpuri comes with a set of clothes i.e. saree for the women and matching joda for the men. Men’s joda comes in two parts, one for the lower part and another piece to wear around the shoulder. The longer part is draped around the lower part of the body and the other is draped around the shoulder or draped from the waist to the shoulder. This drape is a typical Odissi draping style.

The Trail of Berhampuri Silk Pata Saree

The famous Berhampuri Patta saree is a 200-year-old knitting pattern introduced in the 14th century. Berhampuri patta was introduced by Mohuri King of the silk city of Odisha. Hailing from one of the silk cities of India, Berhampuri Silk Patta Sarees have won hearts all around the world and today hold a GI tag. The adorable silk sarees were exported to South Asian countries even during those days and even today.

Uniqueness of Motifs

Berhampuri Patta Saree is unique and exclusive due to its typical Odissi style of weaving and kumbha, particularly phoda, temple type of design. Popularly the temple motifs of Berhampuri Saree are known as Phoda Kumbha or ‘badhi kumbha’. Berhampuri patta saree makes everyone go amazed with the works and zari borders are quite stunning. These beautiful and auspicious sarees are draped around Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Devi Subhadra in the Jagannath temple of Puri.

The Fusion of Tradition and Trend

Berhampuri Patta itself is a brand of beauty and tradition. The traditional berhampur patta saree has come a long way since the 14th century. But today people often get bored of the traditional motifs and themes. Hence artisans today to match the trend weave saree of different and unique colors. Alongside the exclusive colors, craftsmen of Berhampuri patta also put in extra effort to weave trendy motifs. The fusion of tradition and trend take this saree to a different level. You explore the sarees on different online and offline platforms like IndianVillez you can notice the exclusive, beautiful and trendy berhumpuri saree. Nowadays not only Odissi dancers flaunt it on the stages (both national and international) or the patta is draped around the three lords. We can also see Berhampuri patta worn with pride and dignity in various festivities and celebrations.

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